(Video) Python Scare In Oshodi As Residents Kill, Recover Goat In Giant Python's Belly
(Video) Python Scare In Oshodi As Residents Kill, Recover Goat In Giant Python's Belly

(Video) Python Scare In Oshodi As Residents Kill, Recover Goat In Giant Python’s Belly

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There is a python scare in  Oshodi-Lagos, after a group of residents reportedly caught and killed a big python in the area. The python was said to have swallowed a  big black goat belonging to one of the residents and could no longer  move it’s massive body.

Unconfirmed reports stated that the black pregnant she-goat was earlier declared missing overnight  in the neighborhood  and a search party put in place to find it. The black goat was believed to have been stolen by street  urchins, according to eye witness account.

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However, after hours of fruitless search, a 18-foot-long python with protruding belly was discovered in the Oshodi neighborhood. It was lying still but aggressively moving its head and tail. 

The residents had to cut off the python’s head and opened up the stomach to remove the goat which was already dead as the python constricted it before swallowing it.

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As seen in the video, which has gone viral, the headless python was still moving its body and tail even after it was disemboweled and the goat removed from its belly.

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”It’s a good omen for us,” said a resident. ” Oshodi make una come see wonders here oo, It’s a good omen, meat don plenty; we will eat  both the goat and the snake, ” he said. 

 According to an eyewitness, ”the python was helplessly lurking in the street corner until it was found by a resident who called out  for help. How the python was able to make to the neighborhood is still a mystery to everyone.”

This is not the first time such a big snake would be found in Lagos.  On Sunday, December 17, 2017 some local divers in Ikola-Ilumo, Agbado Oke-Odo Local Council Development Area  killed  and displayed a giant snake

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The divers were reportedly fishing  in the river that runs under a bridge separating  Ipaja Town from Ikola-Ilumo. On that Sunday afternoon, one of the divers noticed the python in a hole and called attention and support.  It was reported that cutlass could not penetrate the python even as sticks and stones could not have any effects on the monster.

Those who lived in the area said the snake had been a source of worry to residents and occasionally came out in search of food.

One hunter, Agbomola Okesagun, was therefore said to have rushed to the scene, made some incantations and fired several shots at the snake killing it instantly.  

Watch the video here:

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