Mystery Rat With Human-like Fingers In Nigeria's Southeast Cries Like Human
Mystery Rat With Human-like Fingers In Nigeria's Southeast Cries Like Human

(Videos) Mystery Rat With Human-like Fingers In Nigeria’s Southeast Cries Like Human

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A mystery rat – big enough to pass for a rabbit – caught in a trap in an unnamed Southeast Nigeria village left residents bewildered with its magical possession of human-like fingers and a strange set of teeth.

The rat as recorded in two amateur videos, made frantic efforts to escape from the cage trap while onlookers kept wondering what kind of creature it was, as they had never seen its specie.

Some of them were heard in the video speaking in Igbo, saying that it was not an ordinary rat but a human that might have mysteriously transformed into an animal.

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In some parts of Nigeria, there is the belief that some humans with diabolical powers could mysteriously transform into big or small animals or other strange creatures and move in the form of astral projection to hurt other humans in certain locations. The residents in the video posted by Prime Business Africa (PBA) expressed similar belief as they  gathered to see things for themselves.

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Some of the residents, while examining the mystery rat’s fingers and expressing their consternation in native Igbo dialect  specifically shared by communities in Imo and Abia states, said: “These are human fingers.” One of them  said , “na person be this o.”

The onlookers also agreed that the  rat’s teeth was markedly different from those of other normal rats they had seen. A female voice in the video thanked God that an ‘evil rat’ had been caught.

The ‘evil rat’ was seen trying to cut the iron cables off the 3-feet-long cage. After hours of closely watching the rat struggle without success  to escape from the cage, the villagers decided to roast it alive.

They became even more bewildered when the live rat cried on top of its voice as its limbs were demobilised and belly placed at the centre of  hurriedly made wooden furnace and the fire burnt slowly. It’s wailing voice was typical of a young man’s; It wailed and groaned in ascending tones until its human voice slowly came to a deadly stop.  In a somewhat scary scenario, the strange rat kept wailing with such a human-like voice as the fire roasted its belly to death.

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