UNN VC Commissions New Lion Table Water Borehole, Hails Director For Resilience

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By Elijah Akuma

Vice Chancellor of the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN), Prof. Charles Igwe has commissioned the new Lion Table Water borehole.

In his opening remarks, the Vice Chancellor praised Lion Table Water Director, Prof. Agwu Ekwe Agwu, for his many accomplishments in the past three years.


UNN VC Commissions New Lion Water Borehole, Hails Director For Resilience
UNN VC Prof. Charles Igwe during his remarks at the commissioning of borehole

The Vice Chancellor emphasized the positive impact that Prof. Agwu’s work has had on the university community and also expressed his gratitude to all those who made the project possible, including God, the University’s Governing Council, management and staff.

The Vice Chancellor compared the project to the biblical story of Moses striking a rock in the desert, from which water gushed forth.

He commended Prof. Agwu and the Lion Table Water Board for their tireless efforts to make the project a success, despite the challenges of digging a borehole in Nsukka.

Prof. Agwu’s innovative approach to management has not only improved the financial position of the unit, but has also increased its productivity and efficiency. His hard work and dedication have laid the foundation for future growth.

“Previous Directors of Lion Water were accused of misusing the organisation’s resources for personal gain, but Prof. Agwu has demonstrated his integrity and accountability by effectively managing the resources under his control,” Prof. Igwe stated.

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The Vice Chancellor commended Prof. Agwu for his unwavering commitment to fulfilling the university’s vision, which is reflected in the positive impact of his work on students and the entire university community.

Going down memory lane, the Vice Chancellor reflected on the story of the first borehole dug in Nsukka after the war, which was described by some federal troops as a ‘wild goose chase.’

He remembered how people used to fetch water from Adada River, and how Igbo artisans succeeded in changing that narrative by persevering until they completed the water project.

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He noted that Prof. Agwu’s efforts is a continuation of this legacy of perseverance and dedication.

The Vice Chancellor prayed that the new borehole would serve the needs of the university community, and expressed his unwavering faith in Prof. Agwu’s ability to see the project through to completion.

The commissioning ceremony was also attended by members of the University’s Governing Council and management team.

In an interview after the commissioning, Prof. Igwe explained that the new borehole was built in response to the need for clean, affordable water on campus. He also revealed that the project was funded entirely by the Lion Table Water unit, rather than the university.

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Responding to the Vice Chancellor’s kind words, Prof. Agwu expressed his deep gratitude and excitement about the project. He pledged to continue working hard to serve the university community.

When asked if the project would affect the price of water, Prof. Agwu assured that it would not. He explained that ‘Lion Water’ is a premium water, with no E.coli or bacteria, unlike some other table water brands in the community.

Prof. Agwu emphasized that Lion Water is an institution, not a profit-driven company, so its primary concern is serving the community rather than making money.

On what the company was like before he assumed office, Prof. Agwu painted a grim picture of the state of the Lion Water unit before he took over, saying “it’s hard to even describe the state it was in. There were days when customers would be told that there was no water available, and staff members were not being paid their salaries. The infrastructure was in a state of disrepair.”

UNN VC Commissions New Lion Water Borehole, Hails Director For Resilienceof

He went on to highlight the improvements made since he took over as Director.

Prof. Agwu made it clear that all of the positive changes that have been made in the past three years are due to the hard work and support of his staff.

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He said: “All of the value-added improvements you see at Lion Water have been achieved in a very short period of time.”

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