What Experts Won’t Tell You About Antibiotics Resistance

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The Beef, Fruits You Eat Could Make You Resistant…

Joe McKenna a 30-year-old young husband, basketball player and fireman, decides to dust some equipment at the fire station as he waits for his colleagues to arrive. But, in the process, a heavy fire nozzle falls on his arm. After a few days his arms start to hurt and two days afterwards he spikes a fever.

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His wife manages him at home but there is no improvement.

So, the poor lady takes her husband to the hospital where they are told he has an Infection.

He is admitted but the condition worsens because antibiotics has not yet been Invented in that Era.

So, doctors and nurses have nothing to do but just to watch him until he enters into a Coma and dies one week later.

Antibiotic was developed three years after the above incident took place and it was called the miracle drug that removed the death sentence tag from Infections.

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That miracle drug is about to come to an end.
People are dying of infections again because of the phenomenon called ANTIBIOTICS RESISTANCE.

How it works:

Bacteria in the human body compete with each other for food by releasing a harmful compound against each other causing the weaker bacteria to immediately develop a defence of protection against the lethal compound.

When Antibiotics were produced to fight bacteria, the bacteria then respond by producing a protective defence against that antibiotic and this is called ANTIBIOTICS RESISTANCE.

We are increasing drug resistance by squandering the use of drugs persistently, by the following:

Misuse of over-the-counter drugs:

Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs are medications available without a prescription at drugstores or supermarkets.

Try to limit how often you use OTC medicines. Don’t use them unless you really need them.

Unnecessary Prescription:

45% of antibiotic prescriptions are prescribed for illnesses that are bacteria. Antibiotics are frequently viewed as a “magic bullet,” even in cases of viral infection where an antibiotic will have no effect.

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Fattening of Meat animals: Antibiotics are used on animals for fattening cows and preventing them from having infections. But when this meat is ingested it contains antibiotics and some of them might be carrying mutated bacteria.

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Fruit growing:

Antibiotics are used to grow fruit and prevent infections from the fruit. But when this fruit is ingested, there’s a likelihood of ingesting a mutated bacteria.


No Surgical procedure:

Procedures like Ceasaran sector(C/S) nor Appendectomy etc needs antibiotic

Harm to Premature Babies:

They have weakened immune systems and would be very exposed to all types of imagined infections


Mother’s have weak immune systems and after childbirth the risk of infection is high.
Random injuries: i.e skin lesions, cut wounds, Bruises are at risk of getting infected.

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What to do?

1. Immunization
2. Avoid saving an antibiotic for the next time you get sick.
3. Take antibiotics exactly as prescribed. Don’t skip doses. Complete your full course of treatment even if you are feeling better.
4. Know what illness is happening to you, before taking an Antibiotic.
5. Stop agricultural use of antibiotics.
6. Government should allocate more funds to the production of more antibiotics.


Alexander Fleming: The thoughtless person playing with penicillin treatment (antibiotics) is morally responsible for the DEATH of the man who gets infected with the Penicillin Resistance.

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