Surviving Excessive Weight Gain During Festive Season

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Don’t diet at Xmas-time! If there’s one time of the year when we can give ourselves permission NOT to diet, it should be the festive season. However, while eating during the festivity try to do it mindfully.

Plenty of people experience weight gain at these holiday parties during festive seasons because (generous hosts aside), they get carried away by the good cheer and are not aware of what and how much holiday food they are eating. When we consume a big amount of food but don’t use the excess calories up through physical activities, we inevitably end up with unnecessary weight gain over a period of time. But to avoid that from happening, here are some healthy tips to follow.

1. Try to stay active. Rather than sit around watching TV with the family, get everyone outdoors in the summer weather and go for a walk, play games, kick around a football or try your hand at backyard cricket! You’ll feel better.

2. Avoid going to parties hungry: Start the day with a healthy and balanced breakfast that includes wholegrain foods, low-fat protein and fruit. Avoid going for visits on an empty stomach to prevent overeating or over-indulging on festive treats.

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3. If you take alcohol then you need vitamin B: Drinking alcohol can deplete your B vitamins quite rapidly as many of the B vitamins are directly or indirectly involved in alcohol metabolism. Supplementing with a B vitamin complex can replenish these much-needed nutrients so take your supplement before you head out partying, and again before you retire for bed, washed down with a big glass of water! B vitamins can also help convert food into energy.

4. Drink water instead of drinking calories[]: One easy trick to limit your calorie intake is to follow a simple rule: Don’t drink your calories. Drinking 330 ml of water fills you up as much as a 330 ml can of a soft drink — minus the calories. So instead a bottle of juice, a soda or an alcoholic drink, opt for a few glasses of water instead.

5. Trust your gut : Your brain and gut work together to make you know when you are full . Connecting with signals for hunger and signals for fullness and choosing from a wide variety of foods, so that we’re eating the foods that both support our bodies and make us feel satisfied.

6. Post celebration ritual: To make sure that you do not feel bloated, gassy and uneasy after coming from the dinner party you need to do some simple post-celebration rituals. Like having a glass of warm water before going to bed. If you want to speed up the digestion process.

Why does eating healthy matter?

First, food is what fuels you and delivers the calories and nutrients your body needs to function. If your diet is deficient in calories or one or more nutrients, your health may suffer.

Likewise, if you eat too many calories, you may experience weight gain. People with obesity have a significantly increased risk of illnesses like type 2 diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, and heart, liver, and kidney disease

Healthy eating is important for many reasons, including fueling your body, acquiring necessary nutrients, lowering your disease risk, increasing your longevity, and promoting optimal mental and physical well-being.

Should you cut back on certain foods and beverages for optimal health?

In a healthy diet, it’s best to restrict certain foods.
Research link processed foods to negative health outcomes, including increased disease risk and early death. Cutting back on soda, processed meats, candy, ice cream, fried foods, fast food, and highly processed, packaged snacks is a smart way to improve your health and lower your risk of certain diseases.

However, you don’t have to completely avoid these foods all the time. Instead, try to prioritize whole, nutrient-dense foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, and fish, saving highly processed foods and beverages for special treats.

Festive period is that time of the year to bond with people. Meet your friends and family and relish the quality time spent with them. Food brings people together and any celebration is incomplete without them. So, do not hold yourself back from enjoying this beautiful time. Just make conscious choices.

If you find this time of year difficult and need some support, talk to your health care practitioner. They can help you navigate any changes to your stress levels or mood that you experience.

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