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Lagos Startup Expo Begins Masterclass Session with Renowned Facilitators

1 year ago
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Lagos Startup Expo, an extraordinary convergence of startups within Africa, is proud to announce the inclusion of an enlightening masterclass session.

This exclusive session is meticulously designed to cater to the needs of founders, business executives, product leads, and other influential figures in the business sector. The primary objective of this masterclass is to offer comprehensive training workshops aimed at propelling their respective enterprises to new heights while fostering a closer bond among participants within the startup ecosystem. Attendance to this prestigious masterclass is exclusively available to VIP ticket holders, and the following esteemed facilitators have been selected to lead the session:

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Facilitator 1: Olu Oyinsan, Managing Partner, Oui Capital

Olu Oyinsan is an accomplished investor in seed-stage ventures across emerging markets, currently serving as the managing partner at Oui Capital. Oui Capital is a venture capital fund committed to investing in promising technology companies operating in frontier markets. Olu’s professional journey commenced within the realm of commercial banking at Nigeria’s prestigious Guaranty Trust Bank. Subsequently, he ventured into the role of a TEI consultant at Forrester, a global market research firm, where he provided valuable insights to some of the world’s leading technology companies. Additionally, Olu has contributed to the growth of early-stage technology companies along the east coast of the United States during his tenure at Silicon Valley Bank’s early-stage practice.

At the Lagos Startup Expo, Olu Oyinsan will be facilitating a captivating session titled “How to secure funding when no one wants to invest,” where he will delve into invaluable strategies for obtaining financial backing during challenging times.

Facilitator 2: Odunayo Eweniyi, Co-founder and COO, Piggyvest

Odunayo Eweniyi, a distinguished figure in the entrepreneurial landscape, holds the prestigious positions of co-founder and Chief Operations Officer at PiggyVest, Nigeria’s premier digital savings and micro-investment platform. Prior to her involvement with PiggyVest, Odunayo played an instrumental role in establishing PushCV, one of Africa’s leading job sites, renowned for housing an extensive database of pre-screened candidates.

Boasting a remarkable career spanning eight years, Odunayo has amassed profound expertise in business analysis and operations. Furthermore, she has been recognized as an award-winning fintech entrepreneur who tirelessly advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion within the fintech and technology sectors. As the COO of Piggyvest, Odunayo oversees the company’s multifaceted operations, which encompass finance, investment management, people operations, investor relations, fundraising, and various other subcategories.

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During the masterclass session at the Lagos Startup Expo, Odunayo Eweniyi will facilitate a compelling discourse entitled “How to win big in business on a tight budget,” where she will impart invaluable wisdom on thriving in the business landscape with limited resources.

Facilitator 3: Oshone Anavhe, VP Operations, Thrive Agric

Oshone Anavhe, a seasoned business leader and agribusiness expert, boasts an impressive repertoire encompassing strategy and operations, business development, sales, and project management. Garnering over eight years of experience within the agric sector, Oshone has contributed to the growth of various startups, employing his expertise in building sustainable systems and processes conducive to sustainable expansion.

Presently serving as the Vice President of Operations at Thrive Agric, Oshone has played a pivotal role in scaling the company’s operations by more than 15 times over the past three years. His accomplishments include establishing a network of approximately 500,000 farmers and effectively managing a team comprising over 1500 professionals


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