African Teachers Want To Become Future-fit With More 'Soft Skills' Training – HP Study Reveals
African Teachers Want To Become Future-fit With More 'Soft Skills' Training – HP Study Reveals

7 Hard And Soft Skills You Need to Master This Year

1 year ago
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Every year is another opportunity to learn and grow to succeed in life. There are a lot of people who can build their dreams successfully with the skills they have mastered.

If they can do it, then you should too.

One of the great things you can try to upgrade yourself is mastering specific demanded skills. You need skills to build tomorrow’s version of yourself.

The World Economic Forum has released the top skills you need to master to succeed now and in the future.

Here are the 7 hard and soft skills you can master in 2023.

#1. Web Development

Web development is one of the top 4 high-income skills according to Coursera in 2023. It brings together the fundamentals of software development and user experience. You can also be skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) when exploring this skill. If you are about to consider your next study and are interested to explore further about this, then computer science could be a better fit.

But it is also welcomed if you are coming from a non-IT background because you can still find a lot of online courses available on the internet and YouTube to learn this skill for free.

Once you have mastered this, it will pay off since many tech companies are still looking to hire people with background skills related to web development. You can have career options as a front-end developer, full-stack developer, webmaster, back-end developer, and many more with annual pay ranging from $104.000 to $119.000.

#2. Cloud Computing

According to Azure Microsoft, cloud computing is the delivery of computing services including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence over the internet (the cloud) to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale.

Cloud computing is commonly applied in big data analytics, disaster recovery, cybersecurity, and data backup.

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Companies hire people with cloud computing skills such as cloud solutions architects, cloud network engineers, computer system analysts, cloud security analysts, cloud database administrators, and many more with annual pay ranging from $90.000 to $145.000.

If you are a person who likes challenges and would like to learn something new, then having this one could be a good idea too.

#3. Technology Design and Programming

In this 4th industrial revolution, technology and the internet had become part of human life. You can shop online, find your jobs, play video games, send money, and many more just by using your finger typing on a device. Those all are created by brilliant minds with a background in design and programming.

Mastering skills related to programming and design in 2023 would be very promising in the future because numerous careers involve the intersection of design and technology.

You can easily find jobs. You can have a career as a graphic designer, video game designer, web developer, robotics engineer, or UX designer and most companies can pay people $47.000 to $101.000 per year.

#4. Analytical Thinking and Innovation

To work on solving complex problems, you need to be analytical and innovative. This is a step-by-step approach from evaluating and arranging obtained information until you come up with the solution for the issues.

Someone who can think analytically will find it easier to analyze a problem. You can achieve this as you always make decisions based on data and identified goals.

Mastering this skill would also help you to pursue your career as a logistics supervisor, accountant, chemical engineer, marketing analyst, financial analyst, and many more. The companies can also pay from $50.000 to $70.000 per year.

Fantastic; isn’t it?

#5. Active Learning and Learning Strategies

In this digital era with all the information served, we are challenged to adapt to change. To do that, as human beings, we must keep learning and become a long life learners.

According to Purdue University, active learning strategy is defined as any type of activity during the learning process (face-to-face, online, or outside) that engages learners’ in-depth thoughts about the subject matter in your course.

This involves you taking an active, more self-directed role in the learning process.

Research also shows that learning is promoted when students are actively processing information.

Learning activities such as taking notes, teaching someone else, reflection, and discussion are some of the activities suggested if you want to develop your active learning and learning strategies skills.

You will need this whenever you want to learn something new and improve your life.

#6. Creativity

Creativity is not just about art-related work. It has a broader meaning. To be creative means that you are always able to see perspectives from different ways of view and come up with new original ideas. People with creative thinking are needed in many companies in the present moment and future because they always believe that there must be another new approach to the solution.

You can think of your experience, the moment when in a group to discuss a new complex issue, then one of your friends suddenly had the idea that made all of you think “man, why didn’t we think like that”. That’s when the creativity worked.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

You know that mastering creative thinking skills can aid you to pursue your career as a video game designer, graphic designer, social media manager, copywriter, user experience designer, and many more. The companies can also pay these workers from $15.000 to $86.000 per year.

#7. Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the ability to think, rationally, about what to do or what to believe. It involves the process in which we must make rational, logical, systematic, and well-thought-out judgments.

You can imagine this fast-paced era of spreading information with lots of hoaxes and misleading information has caused more panic in the public. We need to think critically to avoid this trap and this is how important critical thinking is.

Now, coming to this part, you might ask “how do I distinguish between analytical, creative, and critical thinking?”.

Analytical thinking is how you use your thinking to assess, measure, compare, process, evaluate, and arrange. Creative thinking is about generating new, novel, and useful ideas, meanwhile critical thinking is how to be logical in using your thinking.

You know that mastering critical thinking will be a huge benefit for pursuing your career. Many companies can hire people with critical thinking skills in the positions such as computer programmers, automotive technicians, geologists, detectives, marketing directors, and many more with annual pay from $47.000 to $87.000.

That’s all about the 7 hard and soft skills you need to master in 2023. Learning those skills can take time and effort, but please keep going. They all will be paid off in the future. You can learn them from courses, study, mentors, or your friends, and seek opportunities that can sharpen those skills above,

Aka Ekene, PBA Journalism Mentee


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