Why It Doesn’t Matter If Nobody ‘Likes’ Your Posts On Social Media
Why It Doesn’t Matter If Nobody ‘Likes’ Your Posts On Social Media

Why It Doesn’t Matter If Nobody ‘Likes’ Your Posts On Social Media

2 years ago
2 mins read

A tantalizing topic I guess? I know. Almost every one if not everybody has at one time or another posted on their social media timelines and pages swearing, what they posted was a ‘Likebait’ only to be shocked that just a few or no LIKE dropped by.

The teaching of today was informed by one question I got from a frustrated blogger. He said: “Queen I am good. I am a good blogger. But no one is coming through for me …no LIKE let alone COMMENT. Yet I get offline accolades every day for a job well-done.”

My response? But that’s ALL you need – “accolades for a job well-done!

But seriously, it can be frustrating when you post and post and no one came knocking even if with a LIKE. Indeed, it can be ego-dampening too. In fact, you are sometimes tempted to stop posting or blogging. Worse off, you might even begin to doubt your intelligence, convincing yourself to accept you are one rubbish writer who should go get a life somewhere else.

I, however, have kind words for you: It doesn’t matter. No, it doesn’t. But I want to let you know what matters and that is sales, enquiries, new leads, converts and other real outcomes befitting of all your digital marketing effort. Like my good friend said, “…accolades…” Yes, that’s what really matters because it is pro-ROI.

Trust me. You’d post or blog to the tipping point you start generating the exact kind of engagement that you seek.

Do you even know that most times, people see your post, get carried away reading and at the end they leave, taking home the message without dropping a LIKE, at least? I am ‘guilty’ of this too. I had found a beautiful blog post worthy of my SHARE. But I just read with all gusto and left at the end without dropping a comment to encourage the writer. How did I even notice this? Someone made an enquiry and I recommended the service sold in the post. You see? The poster didn’t even know what he wrote actually converted. I just hope he didn’t go to roost like a chicken when in fact, he was an Eagle.

“How would you then know you are on track?” You still want to ask. It’s simple. You would get accolades, to borrow from my friend. You would get referrals. You would get new leads. You will get conversion.

I like to liken this to a post I made on LinkedIn that never brought home a LIKE. But guess what? A new lead who later turned a client came from it. Yes, from the LinkedIn post. Yea, it’s nice to see many LIKES, COMMENTS, SHARES, RETWEETS of your content but it’s never something to be distressed about. Believe me.

Okay. Tell me, which  would you prefer? A post that generated you so much traffic and a post that got you no single LIKE but new leads and sales are being made every day, as a result. The latter, off course!

B.U.T. don’t get me wrong, you cannot do without traffic and engagement. Please put in all you’ve got to drive them. All I am saying is that you shouldn’t kill yourself if it didn’t come immediately. What is more important is that you are getting the lead.

Most importantly, all what matters in content marketing is CONSISTENCY – whether in the socials or website. Always post. Always blog. But most of all, post correctly, blog correctly by being very creative.

Alright! When next you want to be dismayed that you didn’t get LIKES or COMMENTS, just ask yourself: Does it really matter if people don’t respond to my social media or blog post, this way? The short answer is: No, it doesn’t! You could get sales…real sales from a post that never generated any LIKE.

Brethren, what matters at the end of the day are leads and conversion – the real outcomes, not LIKES… not COMMENTS. Besides they shall start trooping in someday if you refuse to give up on content marketing.

Many blessings for your time.

Do kindly SHARE this post to encourage someone. You would have made my year. (smiles).



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