2023: How To Choose Presidential Candidate To Vote For
2023: How To Choose Presidential Candidate To Vote For

2023: How To Choose Presidential Candidate To Vote For

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Tired of sifting through the litany of promises from the 2023 presidential aspirants?

Honestly, all the presidential aspirants use many deafening tools in campaigning for office.  Voters need a more deafening tool as well, to judge the aspirants. We no longer need a president who would go to Aso Rock only to become stumbling rock to the nation’s already-battered life and living.

Criteria to judge who becomes the number one man at Aso rock? Simple. Feel free to judge them in two ways: The leadership qualities as well as experience they would bring to the office. Please don’t ignore. Both are important.

Truly, if there is one criterion to look out for, it should be leadership qualities of the would-be president. You already know the characteristics you believe an effective leader should have so we won’t dwell on it.

Deciding if a candidate will be a good leader is not as difficult as you are thinking right now.

How can you know if someone will be honest, open and able to act under pressure if elected to office? Here are some ways to read between the lines:

Look at the candidates’ background and experience. How well prepared are they for the job? How many leaders has he raised, himself? Remember the age-long saying: “We rise by lifting others.”  That’s right. Now does anyone come to mind already? Of course!

In truth, when thinking about the concept of leadership and who should do greatly as president come 2023, many persons assume it is difficult to pinpoint. But that’s not true. Okay. Let’s begin this way? Who are you rooting for?  Now take a look at these: The Top 10 Qualities of a Great Leader and see if your candidate is ideal for that seat.



The importance of integrity should be obvious.  Integrity is an essential leadership trait for the individual and the organization called Nigeria. Does he have any criminal record? If he stole yesterday, he will probably steal tomorrow!



Delegating is one of the core responsibilities of a leader, but it can be tricky to delegate effectively. The goal isn’t just to free yourself up — it’s also to enable your direct reports to grow, facilitate teamwork, provide autonomy, and lead to better decision-making. The best leaders build trust especially when they are not disposed through effective delegation. Do you think your ideal man for 2023 would be able to delegate effectively if need be? Do you have examples of when they did?


Effective leadership and effective communication are intertwined. The best leaders are skilled communicators who are able to communicate in a variety of ways, from transmitting information to inspiring others to coaching direct reports. And you must be able to listen to, and communicate with, a wide range of people across roles, geographies, social identities, and more. The quality and effectiveness of communication among leaders across your organization directly affects the success of your business strategy, too. We all love the famous: “Yes, we can.” Don’t we?



While this is a more inwardly focused trait, self-awareness and humility are paramount for leadership. The better you understand yourself and recognize your own strengths and weaknesses, the more effective you can be as a leader. Do you know how other people view you or how you show up at work? Take the time to learn about the 4 aspects of self-awareness and how to strengthen each component. Sounds unserious, right?


Learning Agility

Learning agility is the ability to know what to do when you don’t know what to do. If you’re a “quick study” or are able to excel in unfamiliar circumstances, you might already be learning agile. But anybody can foster and increase learning agility through practice, experience, and effort. After all, great leaders are really great learners. Again! This might sound so irrelevant. But need you be reminded about the countless times, our leaders didn’t know what to do? Countless times indeed – the real reason insecurity of life and property is still rife in Nigeria!



For some people, “influence” feels like a dirty word. But being able to convince people through the influencing tactics of logical, emotional, or cooperative appeals is an important trait of inspiring, effective leaders. Influence is quite different from manipulation, and it needs to be done authentically and transparently. It requires emotional intelligence and trust.  Oh yes, we need our man of 2023 to have this quality too if only to attract effective FDIs to the country once again.



Treating people with respect on a daily basis is one of the most important things a leader can do. It will ease tensions and conflict, create trust, and improve effectiveness. Creating a culture of respect is about more than the absence of disrespect. Respectfulness can be shown in many different ways, but it often starts with simply being a good listener who truly seeks to understand the perspectives of others. Still wondering? Why is simple FG-ASUU agreement of 2009 yet to be honoured in 2022?


There you have it! Please share your thoughts in the comments. Don’t forget to share the post with your social media friends and family. Thanks.


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