UNN Arts Faculty Dean Enjoins Nigerians To Embrace Their Heritage 

UNN Arts Faculty Dean Enjoins Nigerians To Embrace Their Cultural Heritage 

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Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Nigeria Nsukka, Prof. Paul Obi-Ani, has enjoined all Nigerians to embrace their cultural heritage which is a mark of their identity.

Prof. Obi-Ani, who spoke at the UNN Faculty of Arts cultural day celebration urged students to participate actively in the event held annually, adding that it helps remind them of their roots and the need to uphold the values therein as future leaders at various levels who would transmit them to the coming generation.

While addressing the students, Prof Obi-Ani emphasised the importance of culture, and called on the students and everyone in the faculty to join in celebrating their identity.

“No matter the part of the world you come from, you must be identified by your own culture, your customs and traditions and you can not just wish it away. Our faculty embodies the culture of our people. We can not shy away from our culture because we promote it in various forms.

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“If you talk about music, we have undiluted music. We are, we teach it, we practice it. We talk about the arts, and we practice that art in all forms here in the faculty. Nsukka Arts School is rated the best around the world. So we encourage all of us, every student here, to endeavor to participate in this cultural day to appreciate and deepen the sense of culture we all have,” he said.

He went on to highlight the richness of the faculty when it comes to cultural heritage. He mentioned its history, sculpture, and even language and every other sense of the people’s culture which the faculty stands for. He ended by enjoining everyone to become a part of this cultural show.

The event which was tagged, “Oyorima, the rhythm of culture,” was an annual event of the faculty in which they celebrate the people’s culture. The occasion which was held at the faculty’s premises on Thursday, 29th February featured Coronation, cultural performances, wrestling, and many other cultural exhibitions.

In her opening remark, Vice President of the Faculty of Arts Students Association, Miss Precious Chinenye, noted that the essence of the cultural day was to constantly remind everyone that they are a people who do not forget who they are.

UNN Arts Faculty Dean Enjoins Nigerians To Embrace Their Heritage 

In her words: “Culture is the people’s way of life. It is their spark and who they are. The faculty of arts includes this day in their week to consciously call to mind that it is important that we do not neglect the importance of our roots, our ancestry; and those who brought us to where we are today.

“The motor of the faculty which is ‘Art for living’ stresses the theme of this event today. Art is life, Art is for the living. So also is culture, it is life, it is the rhythm every living thing shall dance to. That brings us to the title of today’s event, Oyorima, The Rhythm of life.”

The event had all the 10 departments in the faculty duly represented. Many stakeholders in the faculty were also in attendance.

The event featured Igbo traditional dance, eating competition, Igbo adage that contains Igbo wisdom/philosophy through spoken Words, and many more to make it more memorable.


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