Enugu Market Demolition We Can't Afford Nm For New Shop Traders Lament

Enugu Market Demolition: We Can’t Afford N10m For New Shop, Traders Lament

4 weeks ago
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Traders at the Ogige market, Nsukka, have continued to lament the ongoing demolition of the market by Enugu State Government, just as they decry the N10 million cost for a new shop.

The State Government had marked out a section of the market for an ultra-modern bus terminal.

Despite heavy criticisms of the action, especially due to the manner the traders were evicted, without any alternative place to stay, the state government went ahead and reduced the  structures to rubbles.

The demolition exercise, which began on 29th May 2024, is said to have affected over 10,000 traders, who rely on  businesses in the market for survival.

The affected traders lamented that the cost of shops in the new place provided on Aku road, is going for as high as N10 million.

An affected trader who sells cosmetics, Mr. Daniel Okafor, said the demolition has had a significant negative impact on him and his family.

“My own shop was demolished, that of my brother, sister and uncle demolished too, making a total of four shops.

“It pains me deeply that all our life savings and source of livelihood were gone within a twinkle of an eye,” Mr Okafor lamented.

“How can a government that publicised their political campaign so well not be able to make the information about the demolition clearly known to us on time in a matter that concerns people’s death and survival.

“I have lost all my costumers because they cannot locate me again. If we were informed on time, we would have informed our customers and even collected their numbers.”


A bread seller, Miss Gift Nwachukwu,  said she lost 15 shops in the market. “I am desperate and disorganised as all my goods are spoilt because I have no place to keep them again. The 15 shops I had were demolished,” Nwachukwu stated.

“Before now, I used to buy from the company on credit to pay back after sales because there was a place to keep them safe, but now everything has been demolished.”

Enugu Market Demolition We Can't Afford Nm For New Shop Traders Lament

She further revealed that to get a shop in the new site proposed by the state government on Aku road has not been easy.

“The prices of shops at the new site we were asked to relocate to, has been inflated overnight, as one is being told to pay up to N10 million for a shop, which I cannot afford.”

Another cosmetics seller,  who pleaded anonymity, lamented how his two shops were demolished, forcing him to resort to road-side trading for survival.

“I have been out here by the road side all day just to know if I can get something for my family to eat. I never thought a day like this would come when I will be selling by the roadside.

“It pains me so much that even as I have displayed my goods under the scorching sun, which has changed the colour of my goods, I have not been able to get any buyer.

“To add to this, the prices of shops in the new site has also skyrocketed overnight.

“It pains me most that in the ultra-modern market on Aku road, things are disorganised as no arrangements were made with regards to what should be sold in a particular part of the market, which was the case here before the market was demolished.”

He, therefore, called on the government to help organise the new market, as well as ensure that  the shops are affordable by reducing the prices, which are currently too high.


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