Three Ways To Maximize The Day

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Who else feels like 24 hours aren’t enough anymore to get things done? I know sometimes it feels like time is really not on our side and runs out a little too fast.

Giving a little tip on how you can maximize your day and make the most of your time everyday!

  1. Wake up early: most times we tend to sleep in all morning and wake up like 10am, 12pm and at that point, time has really started to run out. When you have a lot to do, wake up earlier and see how much things you can get done before the afternoon time even. I woke up at 7am for a week straight to run errands and put some things in place and I was always so shocked because I’d be done with all the things I needed to do before 1pm. Try this tip too and let me know how it worked out for you.
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2. Plan yourself and not dive into your day: This tip is very necessary and effective. Planning what you have to do daily gives you a sense of order. You can plan your to-do in terms of proximity, urgency or even relativity.  This way, you already know what to do after what and when and how to even go about it. I strongly recommend this tip, it never fails to help efficiency.

3. Give time frames to each task: this just helps to not laze around a task, whether it be grocery shopping, picking up a package, cooking, arranging your house.  When you set a time frame, you subconsciously remind yourself not to be lazy around that task and get it done as soon as you can and then move on to the next thing. Time framing helps you to organize your task with time brackets so that way you can even get a nap in once you’re done.

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Try out these tips and let me know how effective they turn out for you! Thank me later.

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