Soyinka In Cotonou To See Igboho

Soyinka In Cotonou To See Igboho

Nobel laureate says he had always wanted to see Igboho to "sympathise with his predicament"

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Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka was seen at the Seme border around noon on Sunday, crossing to Cotonou, the capital city of Benin Republic.

Soyinka was mobbed by a crowd while waiting to complete immigration formalities and repeatedly asked where he was headed.

His response was that he was on a visit to the Yoruba  Nation activist, Sunday Igboho to “break the Muslim fast with him.”

Reminded that neither he nor Sunday Ighoho was a Muslim, he asserted that it made no difference. He said he had wished to see Igboho, so as to sympathize with his predicament.

Ramadan is as good as any other season to express non-denominational solidarity, added Professor Soyinka.

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