Pete Edochie’s Statement In The Past That Proves He May Not Really Be Against Second Wife

Pete Edochie’s Statement In The Past That Proves He May Not Really Be Against Second Wife

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Just like every viral content on social media, the Yul Edochie’s second wife saga has come and gone. “But how do you know this for sure?” you may query. It’s not difficult.  No, it’s not. It’s clear because Yul has since changed the narrative and moved on. For a teaser, he had posted “10am today. Big announcement coming. Stay tuned.” Then he wrote a similar one: “Big announcement coming today by 10am. But first, I need to keep fit for the task ahead.”

Oh well, just when everyone still hoped and prayed that it was all a prank, the actor launched his presidential ‘campaign’ on a stronger footing.

Yeah! That was the “10am big announcement,” we all anticipated. Arousing curiosity, he posted a video with a very strong teaser caption: “From Yul Edochie and Judy Austin. This video tells it all. Please click on the link to watch” and trust him, he succeeded in gaining his much anticipated traffic from the nosy public – of course! Everyone raced to Youtube to see if he was about to renounce that it was all a prank but nay! It was his presidential bid!!!

Honestly, Yul seems to have taken a crash course on social media marketing and public relations this time around. He really knows how to drip-feed the public with all his marketing messages and they are yielding salutary results too. No stress.

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His social media pages now reek in the actor’s presidential quest as well as sponsored posts apparently, to make hay while this sun of his is still scotching hot.

You see? Can you agree now that the second wife saga has come and gone? That’s right. Don’t forget he had done a post, asking everyone to move on too, saying, all what they saw were just his personal problems so should be treated so.

He said: ”I promise you all that all is well and any issues arising in my family I will sort out amicably as it is my personal problem. For now, let’s focus on the general problem that affects us all which is the situation of our country…”

But hang in there. This post is not about Yul Edochie but his father – the veteran himself, Pete Edochie.

You would recall that in the heat of the whole second wife gate, Yul’s father had stepped forward to refute that he didn’t give his son his blessings for a second wife. In fact, Pete outrightly banished his son’s newly found love, Judy Austin from entering his household.

“I want the whole world and Nigerians to understand that as an Igbo man, I never support my son actions and as a statesman, I only recognized his first wife as the only authenticated wife of my son, the rest is banished from entering my household,” Pete dissociated himself.

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He noted that marrying two wives does not confer a manly status on anyone.

Pete also, cautioned that getting another wife simply means that one was ready to suffer and breed confusion among his generation.

Interestingly, Prime Business Africa in its investigative journalism gig has been able to dig out a statement, the Nollywood sheikh made before now, which seemed to sing a discordant tune.

Granting interview to Channels TV in the spirit of his 75th birthday celebration, Pete Edochie spoke extensively on the role culture should play in our lives and screen.

“If I’m an Igwe and I want to get married, I don’t have to let my other wife know that I’m going to get married. No, it’s my prerogative as the king to take wife from anywhere.”

Or should we excuse this on the ground that he only supports polygamy if the polygamist in question is regaled?

Talking about “letting my other wife know that I’m, going to get married,” do you recall that May Yul Edochie, the first wife, did confirm that she wasn’t even aware of her husband’s second wife intentions?

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Pete Edochie continued: “But today, we misrepresent our culture and I don’t feel too happy about it. I remember in one production I saw my very good friend Olu trying as much as possible to get close to Chioma Chukwuka, a wife that was procured for him. He had to engage people to hold her. That is not our culture.”

“You don’t require assistance to experiment with your wife. So sometimes we go too far in being silly but ordinarily, we should do our best to put our culture across and the government shouldn’t hesitate to be of assistance if we go to produce,” Yul’s father said.

Very well then! Let’s hear your own thoughts in the comments. Do you think as culturist as Pete Edochie professes, he is really not in support of Yul’s new choice of polygamy?



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