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Here are the top stories in Prime Business Africa on business and economy, politics, health insights, and entertainment.

Kaduna Farmers Sell Houses For Bandits’ Permission-to-harvest Levies, Others Abandon FarmlandsDespite

security agencies’ efforts in raiding bandits’ camps in Kaduna State, the terrorists have continued to make the lives of villagers in Kaduna local government areas of Igabi, Giwa, and Birnin Gwari miserable by imposing exorbitant levies that have forced poor farmers to ditch their farmlands. Read more


Top 15 All-Time Favourite Christmas Movies

The holiday season brings with it a warm glow, and there’s no better way to bask in its festive spirit than by settling in with a classic Christmas movie. From heart-warming tales to comedies, the cinematic world has gifted us with timeless gems that have become cherished traditions. Here’s a list of the top 15 all-time Christmas movies. Read more

Nigerians’ Household Spending Surges To N61.07 Trillion Despite Soaring Inflation- NBS

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) revealed in its Expenditure and Income Gross Domestic Product (GDP) report that Nigerians spent N61.07 trillion on household consumption in the first half of 2023. Read more


Beyond Economic Reparation For Transatlantic Slave Trade [PBA Editorial]

An interesting conference attended by senior government officials from across Africa and the Diaspora community was held in Accra, Ghana last Thursday. The theme of the discussion was Europe’s creation of wealth in the most inhumane manner and at the cost of poverty during the transatlantic slave trade era. This was between the 16th and 19th centuries when foreign overlords forcibly uprooted an estimated 12.5 million Africans from their homeland, transporting them in the most dehumanizing conditions (termed Middle Passage) to Europe and the Americas where survivors end up enslaved on brutal plantations. Read more


Top 5 Gentle Perfumes For People With Sensitive Nose

For individuals with a sensitivity to strong scents that can induce sneezing or discomfort, exploring perfumes with lighter concentrations and more delicate notes is key. Here’s a list of 5 mild perfumes that can provide a pleasant experience without overwhelming the senses . Read more


What Govt Should Do To Rein In Inflation

The surging inflation rate in Nigeria has been a source of worry to stakeholders given the impact on the economy and the citizens who bear the brunt of skyrocketing costs of things. Read more


Germany Offers 20 In-demand Jobs, Lures Foreign Workers With Visa Prospects

Faced with shortage of labour force, Germany, a European economic powerhouse, has announced offer of 20 in-demand Jobs with prospects of providing working visas to foreign applicants. Read more


Delays in MPC Meeting Could Harm The Economy

For over four months now, the Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank of Nigeria has failed to hold its statutory meeting and the bank has not stated convincing reasons for this failure. The 294th MPC meeting was scheduled for Monday, November 20 and Tuesday, Nov 21. The MPC is created by the CBN Act 2007 to assist the bank in attaining price stability and support economic policy of the federal government. It is also designed to serve other important functions such as review economic and financial conditions in the economy; determine appropriate stance of policy in the short to medium term; review regularly the CBN monetary policy framework and adopt changes when necessary; and communicate monetary/financial decisions effectively to the public and ensure the credibility of the model of transmission mechanism of the monetary policy. The law indicates that the MPC is the highest policy making committee in the bank with a mandate to formulate monetary and credit policy for the bank. In simple terms, the MPC is the chief economic and monetary adviser to the bank, the financial industry and the government. It determines the base lending rate that guide the banks in determining their interest rates. The CBN Act also stipulates that the MPC should meet every two months, or more often if there is an emergency. There is, however, no provision for delays or failures to meet. Read more


The Non-Aligned Movement Returns to Fight Neo-colonialism

Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” said Winston Churchill – Britain’s second world war leader. He was talking of how his country’s failure to re-arm after the first world war made a second conflict inevitable. But he could just as easily have been talking about colonialism – something, ironically, this great liberator of Europe believed should have continued in Africa and Asia after WWII was won. Read more


The Cancer Destroying Nigerian Democracy

During the November 11, 2023 elections in Kogi, Bayelsa and Imo States, the Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) Election Analysis Centre highlighted the ‘need to separate the unpredictable technical failures that are due to the operational, logistical and infrastructure challenges of electoral administration in the country on the one hand from the politically instigated failures attributable in the main to deliberate manipulation by candidates, political parties and their proxies in state and society on the other hand. The challenge, therefore, is how to unscramble the nexus connecting technical to politically motivated failures with a view to enhancing the integrity of elections in the country.’ Read more


Why Godwin Emefiele Shouldn’t Go Down Alone

It is a bit of a relief that Godwin Emefiele is finally having his day in court. He now has the opportunity to defend himself, and possibly prove his innocence. He is facing a six-count illegal procurement charge in which he’s accused of awarding a contract for the purchase of 43 vehicles worth N1.2 billion between 2008 and 2020 to a female staff of the bank, Sa’adatu Ramallan Yaro, in violation of Section 19 of Corrupt Practices and Other Offences Act 2020. The law bars public officials from awarding contracts to themselves, their relations or their staffs. In his initial arraignment in August on the same offence, the former CBN Governor faced nine charges, the vehicles were worth N6.9 billion and Mrs Yero and her company, April 1616 Investment Company Ltd, were co-accused. Read more


Beef Stew Costs Surge By 17% , Escalating Financial Strain On Nigerian Households

In a disconcerting revelation from the latest stew index report by PricePally, the expense of preparing a pot of beef stew surged by 17 percent in 2023, painting a worrisome picture of escalating financial burdens for households across Nigeria. Read more


‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ Contestants Seek Compensation For Injuries‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ Contestants Seek Compensation For Injuries

Alegal battle is brewing for the producers of ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ as a U.K. legal firm, Express Solicitors, has declared its intent to pursue legal action on behalf of contestants who suffered injuries during the filming of the reality competition. Read more

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