Germany Offers 20 in-demand Jobs Lures Foreign Workers with Visa Prospects

Germany Offers 20 In-demand Jobs, Lures Foreign Workers With Visa Prospects

6 months ago
1 min read

Faced with shortage of labour force, Germany, a European economic powerhouse, has announced offer of 20 in-demand Jobs with prospects of providing working visas to foreign applicants.

Germany grapples with severe labor shortage in different sectors due to an aging population even as there is high demand for skilled professionals.

Specifically, roles in agriculture, construction, and transportation face acute deficits, prompting Germany to actively seek foreign talents. “We welcome skilled individuals to fill these vital positions,” mentions a government official.


Among the sought-after roles are livestock production, forestry technicians, and specialized horticulturists in agriculture; various trades in the construction industry; and professionals in freight forwarding, logistics, and earthmoving machinery driving in transportation.

The specified 20 in-demand jobs range from tyre and vulcanization technology to pharmaceutical technical assistants, offering competitive salaries.

Despite this list, Germany’s highest-paying jobs span across sectors like medicine, law, management, and technology. “Our country provides diverse job opportunities and a balanced cost of living,” emphasizes an immigration officer.

For those eyeing Germany, the cost of living varies but the country beckons with competitive wages, promising career avenues, and reasonable living expenses.


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