PBA Major Headlines Of The Week (September 9)

PBA Major Headlines Of The Week (September 9)

9 months ago
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Here are the top Prime Business Africa headlines on business and economy, politics, health insights and entertainment for this week.


New Measure Against FGM Apt As Nigeria Ranks Third-highest Worldwide

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), an age-long practice in parts of Africa, Middle East, and Asia, has continued to rear its ugly head as perpetrators, usually informed by attachment to tradition, have continued to resist campaigns against it. Read more 


Tinted Vehicles And The Security Questions

For the past five years or so, Nigerian roads have become remarkable for tinted glasses on private and commercial vehicles. The situation is so fashionable that even trucks are adorning black glasses. Many pedestrians usually throw strong looks to see who or what is in the darkened vehicles without knowing how funny they appear to those inside the vehicles, who could see them far more clearly. Read more


#WACSW23: CSOs Condemn Military Coups In Africa, Seek Consolidation Of Democracy

Civil society stakeholders have condemned the wave of military coups in parts of Africa and called for multi-stakeholder efforts to achieve lasting peace and prosperity in the region. Read more


Why Coups Persist In Africa

The United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres recently raised deep concerns over what he described as an “epidemic” of coups in Africa.

The labeling as embarrassing as it appears is neither strange nor alarming. Read more


Rising Interest Rates Force Poorest Countries To Pay More For Vital Capital – New Research

New analysis from The ONE Campaign shows that the combination of rising interest rates and lack of sufficient affordable capital from the World Bank is increasing economic pressures on vulnerable countries already at high risk of debt distress. Read more.


10 Things To Know About Gabon’s Former President

Ali Bongo, the former president of Gabon who was removed from office, is a multifaceted individual.

For some, he is perceived as a privileged playboy prince who considered governing the oil-rich Gabon to be his inheritance; a former funk singer who assumed leadership after his father, maintaining the family’s nearly 56-year reign. Read more


Guide To Healthy Eating For Freshers In University

Stepping into the university campus as a new student is an overwhelming experience filled with excitement and opportunities. However, it’s also a time of newfound independence which often results in freedom in food choices. Maintaining good eating habits and energy levels during this key time ensures that students are healthy in the school environment. Read more


Families At War Over Inheritance

Nigerians are a troublesome lot. They harass the government for biting inflation, complain about Nyesom Wike for daring to clean up Abuja and now they want all our eyes to be on the judiciary. With the cost-of-living crisis getting harder and harder, just about anything rankles us. Read more


Google Pixel 8 Pro Set For Launch October 4

In a move that has tech enthusiasts buzzing with excitement, Google has announced the launch date of its highly anticipated Pixel 8 series of flagship smartphones.

Following the success of the Pixel 7 series released in October 2022, the Mountain View-based company is ready to introduce its next-gen devices. The Pixel 8 lineup promises to be a game-changer, with hints that it will come with cutting-edge features and innovative design. Read more


Nigeria’s False Alarm: Coup Is Not Our Portion!

A recent viral online survey by an unnamed source saw many participants vehemently reject military takeover in Nigeria even in the face the present hardships. Most of the participants said the uncertainty surrounding military regimes and their almighty powers were reasons to think twice about favouring the military in government again. Read more 


How to Delete Your OPay Account

If you’ve found yourself wondering how to part ways with your OPay account, you’ve landed on the right page. However, before we dive into the process, let’s pause for a moment.

While we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on deleting your account, we must stress that maintaining a financial foothold with OPay can be advantageous. It offers a range of financial benefits, and we encourage you to consider your options thoroughly. Read more


India’s Export Ban Causes 15-Year High in Global Rice Prices

In a surprising turn of events, global rice prices soared to their highest levels in 15 years, causing a stir in international food markets.

The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) announced the staggering 9.8 percent surge in rice prices in its monthly report, highlighting the disruptive impact of India’s recent ban on Indica white rice exports. Read more


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