How to Delete Your OPay Account

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If you’ve found yourself wondering how to part ways with your OPay account, you’ve landed on the right page. However, before we dive into the process, let’s pause for a moment.

While we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on deleting your account, we must stress that maintaining a financial foothold with OPay can be advantageous. It offers a range of financial benefits, and we encourage you to consider your options thoroughly.

OPay is a mobile-based financial services platform that operates in Nigeria and other African nations. Its offerings include digital wallets, money transfers, bill payments, and mobile top-ups.

OPay’s mission is to provide accessible financial assistance to the unbanked and underbanked populations of Africa. It’s a subsidiary of the Opera Group, a significant player in Africa’s internet ecosystem, serving millions of users across the continent.

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Now, let’s explore the simple and concise steps to delete your OPay account, just in case you’re determined to proceed.

How to Delete Your OPay Account

Deleting your OPay account can be accomplished through two methods: via the website or through email. We’ll outline both processes for your convenience.

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Method 1: Deleting Your OPay Account Through the App

Follow these steps to delete your OPay account through the mobile app:

Log in to your account

Open the OPay app and log in using your registered mobile number and password.

Contact customer support

Once logged in, reach out to the OPay customer support team through the in-app support channel, such as live chat or email. Clearly state that you want to delete your account and provide a reason.


The customer support representative will guide you through the account deletion process and confirm the action.

Withdraw funds

Before your account is deleted, ensure that you withdraw any funds in your wallet to a linked bank account.

Keep in mind that after the account is deleted, you won’t have access to your transaction history, account information, or any remaining funds in your wallet. Before proceeding, consider if there are alternative solutions to address your concerns.

Method 2: Deleting Your OPay Account via Email

To delete your OPay account via email, follow these steps:

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Compose an email

Open your email client and compose a new email addressed to the OPay customer support team.

Request account deletion

In the email body, clearly state your intention to delete your account, providing a reason for your decision. Include your full name, email address, and version information for identity verification.

Send the email

Once the email is ready, send it to the customer support team at the provided email address, as found on the OPay website or app.

Wait for a response

The customer support team will review your request and contact you via email. They may request additional information or clarification before initiating the account deletion process.

Withdraw funds

Prior to the account deletion, remember to withdraw any remaining funds in your wallet to a linked bank account.

Again, bear in mind that after your account is deleted, you’ll lose access to transaction history, account details, and any remaining wallet funds. Explore all available options before finalizing your decision.

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