Ivory Coast President Gbagbo Pardons Ex-leader Ouatara
Alassane Ouattara, Laurent Gbagbo

Ivory Coast President Ouattara Pardons Ex-leader Gbagbo

2 years ago
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Ivory Coast President Gbagbo Pardons Ex-leader Ouatara
Alassane Ouattara, Laurent Gbagbo

Ivory Coast President, Alassane Ouatara has granted presidential pardon to former leader, Laurent Gbagbo.

President Ouatara who made the announcement on Saturday said it was in line with his quest for peace-building and cohesion in the West African country.

In the presidential speech that was televised around the country, the president said “In order to further strengthen social cohesion, I have signed a decree granting a presidential pardon to Laurent Gbagbo.”

The president also said he had asked for the payment of Mr. Gbagbo’s lifetime annuity and the unfreezing of the formal president’s bank accounts.

President Ouatara also said he had signed a decree for the conditional release of the formal president’s associates, former navy chief Vagba Faussignaux and a former commander of a key gendarmerie unit, Jean-Noel Abehi, who were jailed for their role in the unrest that followed the election in 2010.

This move came after a meeting was held between President Ouatara, Gbagbo and formal President, Henry Konan Bedie, who were both Presidents from 1993-2010 respectively.

The gesture was also part of event to celebrate the 62nd anniversary of the cocoa rich country.

Mr. Gbagbo and his wife, Simone Gbagbo were arrested by the International Criminal Court (ICC), for their roles in the unrest that came erupted in the country after he, Gbagbo refused to concede defeat to his successor, Alassane Ouatara in the 2011 presidential election. He was acquitted of his charges in 2019 and he returned to Ivory Coast in 2021.

The formal first lady who was accused of “attempting to undermine the security of the state, disturbing public order and organizing armed gangs”, was also granted amnesty by president Ouatara in 2018.

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