Fayose Hails Gabon's Military Leaders For Removing President Ali Bongo 
Ayodele Fayose

Expelling Wike Risks Peril- Fayose Warns PDP

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Former Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, has issued a stern warning to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) regarding the expulsion of Nyesom Wike, a prominent party member who had reportedly worked against the PDP’s interests in the 2023 presidential election and subsequently joined President Bola Tinubu’s cabinet.

Fayose, known for his candid and often outspoken stance, offered his perspective during a recent interview on Channels Television’s “Hard Copy,” a prerecorded show that airs on Friday nights. He advised against taking harsh measures against Wike, who is seen as a formidable figure within and beyond the PDP ranks.

“Some people say fight Wike, expel Wike, sack Wike. I think they do that at their own peril. You see, the first thing in your family even when you have extreme situations, or indifferences, is not to drive away your wife or husband. Wike is a force in the PDP and beyond PDP, a force you cannot ignore,” Fayose stated emphatically.

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He continued, “Ignore Wike, sack Wike, or fight Wike at your own peril. He is a man of capacity.”

Fayose’s counsel revolves around the idea that the PDP should prioritize unity among its members and work diligently to restore the party’s standing, especially after its second-place finish in the recent presidential election.

Despite his reservations about the PDP’s choice of Atiku Abubakar, a candidate from the northern region, Fayose is resolute in his commitment to the party and has no intention of joining any other political party.

“The moment I am not in the PDP, I would never join another political party. And I would never be a member of the APC – not whether they are good or bad,” he declared firmly.

Contrary to recent reports suggesting his resignation from the PDP, Fayose clarified that he remains a dedicated member of the party.

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Shifting the discussion from politics to the recent surge of coups in Africa, Fayose attributed these upheavals to a “sit-tight syndrome” among some leaders.

Although he generally opposes military interventions in politics, he expressed satisfaction with the developments in Gabon, where soldiers seized power in the oil-rich Central African nation, emphasizing the need for leadership change in countries where leaders have clung to power for extended periods.

“In a country where one man is spending 30, 40 years, they must boot him out of the place,” Fayose maintained, echoing his commitment to democratic principles even in the face of drastic political shifts.



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