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To Answer ‘Your Excellency,’ Your Election Must be ‘Excellent’ – Peter Obi Press Conference

"If you must be referred to as "Your Excellency", then the process through which you arrived at the office must be excellent."
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Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the labour party addressed Nigerians in a press conference this Thursday where he rejected the outcome of the 25th February election which produced Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress (APC) as president.

Here are excerpts from the Peter Obi conference

  • “If you must be referred to as “Your Excellency”, then the process through which you arrived at the office must be excellent.”
  • “I am appealing to the youth. This is a long-distance journey. I will be there with you, and go through this darkness with you. I will not go away. We will walk through this darkness till the day breaks.”
  • That structure of criminality can’t go away overnight. A structure that has created one hundred and thirty-three million people living in multidimensional poverty can’t go away overnight.

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  • We have been asked to go to the courts; let’s go there. Remember that I am obedient, I am going to go where I am directed to go. I will challenge this rascality for the future of this Country.
  • I am not going to engage any international community unless it’s based on an invitation. It is our problem and we are meant to tackle it ourselves.
  • I will bring my proof to court and I am not in alliance with any party. I was once awarded a prof by a school but I turned it down because it is wrong and unethical to accept what you don’t deserve. I will not call to congratulate him because he did not deserve the win.
  • The people we are dealing with have made up their minds that “I won’t succeed.” “Myself I have made up my mind that they won’t succeed.”

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