BBNaija ‘Level Up’ Reunion: ‘Amaka-Groovy-Phyna’ Relationship Saga

BBNaija ‘Level Up’ Reunion: ‘Amaka-Groovy-Phyna’ Relationship Saga

1 year ago
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The latest episode of the Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ reunion show delved into the intricate web of relationships involving Amaka, Groovy, and Phyna, captivating viewers with its revelations and emotional exchanges.

Amaka, feeling betrayed by Phyna, took the opportunity to share her side of the story regarding the relationship dynamics between Groovy and Phyna.

Phyna, in turn, expressed remorse and apologized to Amaka while providing insight into her feelings about her relationship with Groovy.

The duo also confronted rumors of physical altercations between them, with Phyna admitting her affection for Groovy but accusing him of being confused and manipulative.

The episode reached its climax as Groovy discussed moving on and taking responsibility for his actions. Here’s a breakdown of the highlights:

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Amaka disclosed that she had developed feelings for Groovy, and Phyna had consistently encouraged her to pursue him. Feeling let down, Amaka clarified the Phyna-Groovy relationship saga and set the record straight.

Phyna admitted that she couldn’t recall every detail of her interactions with Amaka but acknowledged the need to apologize if her actions had caused offense. “Amaka, if you truly feel hurt, I sincerely apologize,” she said, seemingly bringing resolution to their conflict.

Phyna also shared her emotional journey when she began dating Groovy, confessing that she felt guilty and owed an explanation to Beauty, another housemate. She revealed having discussed her concerns with him, but…

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Groovy interrupted, expressing his lack of recollection. He questioned why Phyna had felt guilty when she was the one who initiated the kiss between them. This revelation added a new twist to the narrative.

With the duo no longer together, host Ebuka needed to address certain allegations. He inquired if there had been any physical altercations between them.

Groovy emphatically denied any such incidents, clarifying that it never escalated to a physical level. The tables turned when Ebuka redirected the question to Phyna, asking if she was ever physically abusive.

Phyna categorically denied the allegation, putting the matter to rest. Phyna then proceeded to explain why her relationship with Groovy had failed. She characterized him as confused and manipulative, suggesting that she sensed he was playing a game while in the house and decided to reciprocate.

“I won’t deny it, I liked him,” Phyna confessed, sharing her mixed emotions. The plot thickened when Phyna overheard Groovy confessing to Chizzy that he had feelings for Chomzy.

Chizzy, in turn, advised Groovy not to end things with Phyna due to her resilience in staying despite numerous nominations. Chizzy’s words resonated, adding a new dimension to the story.

Chizzy added, “Hmmn, that sounds like advice I can give someone.” Phyna concluded the discussion by asserting that she had moved on from the entire ordeal. The relationship had not worked out, and she believed everyone involved should take responsibility for their roles.



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