5 Solar Energy Facts To Know

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Solar energy is a reliant source of power for now and the future.  Since the past few decades, it has become more and more popular as sustainable energy source, not only in households all over the world but also in different businesses environments.

Check out five critical reasons you should consider implementing a solar energy system, especially in 2023.

Residential, Commercial and Utility Solar Panels

So far, we know three different kinds of solar energy usage: Residential, commercial, and utility. In residential solar power, the panels are usually installed on rooftops, generating between five and 20 kW of energy. Commercial solar energy is used on a larger scale, usually to provide on-site solar power to businesses and non-profits. Utility solar projects typically consist of several megawatts (MW) installations, supplying solar energy to many utility customers.

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The Photovoltaic Effect

The term photovoltaic effect stands for the general functionality of solar panel technology. A solar panel consists of silicon cells, which absorb and convert sunlight into usable electricity. When the sun’s rays hit the solar panels, the silicon cells send a flow of electric current in what we know as the photovoltaic effect.

The Cost of Solar Energy

Solar Energy has become a more affordable source of power since the price fell over 60 per cent in the last decade alone.

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Solar Energy is a Renewable Power Source

Solar has become one of the cleanest power sources and is also harnessable nearly everywhere in the world. It comes from the sun; therefore, it doesn’t demand the exploitation of land and other resources for it to be produced. It is infinite at a low cost and with no harm to the planet!

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Electric Vehicles Powered by the Sun

The rapid growth of solar and its usage has shifted even to transportation, such as cars that run on solar batteries. Since the sun doesn’t lay its rays on Earth 24 hours per day, there has been a lot of progression in developing very efficient solar batteries.
We strongly advise you to invest in a sun-powered vehicle, since it will save you money on fuel and provide you with a lower environmental footprint.


The annual amount of solar that falls on Earth exceeds eight thousand times the global yearly need for primary power. Essentially, there will always be enough sun for everyone! It is a clean, inexpensive, and eco-friendly way of heating a residential house or a large business object. Be the change you want to see and go solar!

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