2023 Top Three Presidential Candidates: What Wikipedia Say
2023 Top Three Presidential Candidates: What Wikipedia Say

2023 Top Three Presidential Candidates: What Wikipedia Says

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The reality is that governance is a serious business, so must not be left to the whims and caprices of the ‘career politicians,’ anymore. Why? Their sole intent is ‘garbaging’ in and ‘garbaging’ out of our lives.

Indeed, the reality lurks us all in the face. The prices of food, shelter and clothing are not smiling.

Therefore, the Nigerian electorate do not need a seer anymore to make them decide who should be the number one man at Aso Rock, come 2023.

Now that the much awaited key presidential primaries are over, it’s time to look beyond sentiments, to study the manifestoes, track records and profiles of the 2023 presidential candidates. But take heed that this feather needs be added to that cap that’s already saturated to get it right this time around. That is, the man with the experience and the track record; not a joker, not a blabber…not just a Nigerian president-wannabe.

Who fits this bill?

Prime Business Africa takes a walk to the popular online encyclopedia called, Wikipedia to present the profiles of the top three candidates for the upcoming 2023 presidential elections in Nigeria.

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Studies show, Wikipedia is among the top 10 most visited sites on the web. It permits users to update, edit or even delete content. This translates that any serious political candidate should have their profile updated regularly on the global site to help their discoverability in the search engines… in SEO and SEM terms.

Again, in a survey aimed to gauge Nigerians’ preferences for a presidential candidate, Nextier, a multi-competency advisory firm, and Data-Tier, a data analytics and digital communications firm, released a survey in April where Peter Obi, Bola Tinubu and Atiku Abubakar were among Nigeria’s preferred candidates for the 2023 presidency. Therefore, this piece shall present the trio especially now that they have become the flagbearers of their various parties.

Take a look at the intro of their profiles on Wikipedia – the first paragraphs only, please. Let’s go!


Peter Gregory Obi CON (born 19 July 1961) is a Nigerian politician and businessman, who was the vice presidential candidate in the 2019 Nigerian general election under the People’s Democratic Party (P.D.P). He is also a presidential aspirant of the 2023 Nigerian general election. He was the former governor of Anambra State serving from 17 March 2006 to 2 November 2006, when he was impeached and from 9 February 2007 to 29 May 2007 after his impeachment was overturned. Although a fresh election was held on 29 April 2007, he was reappointed governor on 14 June 2007 after a court ruling that he should be allowed to complete a four-year term. He was re-elected to a second-term in office during the February 6th, 2010 gubernatorial elections.

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Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu (born 29 March 1952) is a Nigerian accountant and politician who has been national leader of the All Progressives Congress since the party’s formation in 2013. He previously served as the Governor of Lagos State from 1999 to 2007 and Senator for Lagos West during the brief Third Republic. In January 2022, he announced his intention to run for the APC nomination for President of Nigeria in the 2023 presidential election.


Atiku Abubakar GCON (born 25 November 1946) is a Nigerian politician and businessman who served as the Vice President of Nigeria from 1999 to 2007 during the presidency of Olusegun Obasanjo. He ran as Governor of Adamawa State in 1990, 1997 and later, in 1998, being elected before becoming Olusegun Obasanjo’s running mate during the 1999 presidential election and re-elected in 2003.

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Now tell us in the comments. If you have to judge by what each candidate has on the very first paragraph of their profiles on Wikipedia, who would you vote for? Just kidding.

Oh well,  nothing more to add! Let’s vote the prepared for the job.

By the way, have you gotten your PVC?

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