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10 Likely Ex Housemates Returning For BBNaija All-Stars Show

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Get ready for an exhilarating television experience as the highly anticipated 8th edition of the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) reality TV show returns to our screens with a bang. Set to premiere on Sunday, July 23, 2023, the new season, known as the “All Star season,” is generating massive excitement among fans and viewers alike.

This season promises to be nothing short of spectacular, as these 10 likely ex-housemates may make their much-anticipated comeback to the Big Brother house.

These familiar faces would captivate audiences with their unique personalities, strategies, and undeniable charm, vying for the ultimate prize of N120 million Naira, alongside other consolidation prizes.

Below is a list of 10 Likely Ex Housemates Coming Back To Our Screen In New Big Brother All-Stars Show

Miracle Ikechukwu

Winner of Big Brother Naija Season 3, Miracle’s charming personality and strategic gameplay made him a fan favourite. His return to the All Stars show would not only reignite his dedicated fan base but also showcase his growth since his victory.

Tacha Akide

Known for her fiery personality and unfiltered opinions, Tacha was one of the most talked-about contestants in Season 4. Her return would undoubtedly bring excitement, drama, and controversy, making her a perfect fit for an All Stars season.

Laycon Agbeleshe

10 Likely Ex Housemates Returning For BBNaija All-Stars Show

Winner of Season 5, Laycon captured the hearts of viewers with his intelligence, creativity, and rap skills. His return would be highly anticipated, as fans would love to see him bring his strategic gameplay and lyrical prowess back to the house.

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Cee-C Nwadiora

Cee-C Nwadiora

Cee-C was one of the most polarizing figures in Season 3, with her strong personality and intense conflicts with fellow housemates. Her return would undoubtedly stir up emotions and create captivating moments, as viewers are eager to see her growth and evolution.

Mercy Eke

10 Likely Ex Housemates Returning For BBNaija All-Stars Show

Winner of Season 4, Mercy’s energetic and vivacious personality made her a fan favourite. Her return to an All Stars show would showcase her business acumen and fashion sense, ensuring a vibrant and entertaining presence in the house.

Mike Edwards

All-Stars Show

Known for his athleticism and gentlemanly demeanour, Mike was a standout contestant in Season 4. His return would bring a unique perspective and sportsmanship to the All Stars show, captivating viewers with his charm and dedication.

Nengi Hampson

All-Stars Show

A finalist in Season 5, Nengi’s beauty, intelligence, and strong social game made her a force to be reckoned with. Her return would provide an opportunity for her to solidify her strategic gameplay and engage in new alliances and rivalries.

Tobi Bakre

All-Stars Show

Tobi’s affable nature and strategic gameplay in Season 3 made him a fan favourite. His return to an All Stars show would allow him to showcase his growth and maturity, captivating viewers with his charisma and ability to navigate social dynamics.

Bisola Aiyeola

A finalist in Season 2, Bisola’s vivacious personality and talent as an actress and singer endeared her to fans. Her return would not only bring her star power to the All-Stars Show but also provide a platform to showcase her artistic growth and accomplishments.

Neo Akpofure

Known for his calm and collected demeanour, Neo was a fan favourite in Season 5. His return to the house would offer him a chance to display his strategic prowess and further explore romantic relationships, ensuring an engaging and relatable presence in the All-Stars Show.



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