Why Competition Is Vital For Telecom Sector Growth- NCC
L-R: Director, Legal and Regulatory Services, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Helen Obi; Chief Legal and Regulatory Services, Airtel Network, Shola Adeyemi; Chief Executive Officer, Airtel Network, Carl Cruz; Executive Vice Chairman/Chief Executive Officer, NCC, Dr. Aminu Maida; Executive Commissioner, Stakeholder Management, NCC, Adeleke Adewolu and Director, Policy, Competition and Economic Analysis, Ayuba Shuaibu, during a visit by Airtel Nigeria management to the Commission’s Head Office in Abuja on Wednesday

Why Competition Is Vital For Telecom Sector Growth- NCC

7 months ago
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In a meeting with Airtel Networks Limited, Dr Aminu Maida, the Executive Vice Chairman (EVC) of the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC), stressed the role of competition in fostering a robust telecom sector.

During the gathering in Abuja on Wednesday, Maida articulated the Commission’s commitment to carefully managing competition within the industry, aiming to create an equitable landscape for all licensees.

He highlighted the significance of promoting competition while ensuring a fair playing field. “We are more inclined to promote competition by creating a level playing ground for all our licensees,” Maida asserted.

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Speaking further on the matter, the EVC acknowledged the challenges posed by escalating business costs across sectors. He emphasized the NCC’s intent to adopt a balanced regulatory approach, cautioning against over-regulation that could stifle healthy competition.

“Indeed, the rising cost of business is affecting every sector. We are also looking at a win-win regulatory approach, but we need to be careful to avoid over-regulation, as over-regulation is inimical to competition in the industry,” he added.

Maida highlighted the review of various license categories undertaken by the NCC. This review aimed to ensure that licensees could operate within their capital and operating expenditure limits (COPEX).

Moreover, emphasizing a collaborative approach, he underscored the necessity of establishing mutually beneficial strategies and regulatory frameworks to sustain the Nigerian telecom industry. He stressed the alignment of industry objectives with governmental agendas while focusing on delivering value to customers.

“It’s critical for the NCC and telcos to develop win-win strategies for the Nigerian telecom industry so that everybody gets value. The Minister has a blueprint, the President has the Renewed Hope Agenda, and they need to achieve it while telcos need to deliver value to the customers,” Maida stated.

The Airtel Networks Limited delegation, led by Chief Executive Officer Carl Cruz, commended Maida on his appointment and confirmed his commitment to supporting the Commission’s efforts in maintaining competitive regulatory policies.

While acknowledging the commendable regulatory policies set forth by the NCC, Cruz highlighted the necessity of consistent efforts to sustain a healthy competitive environment for telecom licensees.

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