What Valentine’s Day Means To Us, How We Celebrated It – BB Titans Duo 

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Big Brother Titans housemates were in ecstatic mood 24 hours ago as they celebrated the Valentine’s Day in the house.

The celebration mood continues as the South African and Nigerian housemates spoke to Big Brother during their diary sessions on their experiences and what the day meant to them.

Below Prime Business Africa presents two of the housemates, one for South Africa (Juicy Jay) and the other Nigeria (Olivia), who spoke to ‘Biggie’ on the day that love was celebrated all over the world.

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Olivia on her Val celebrations says: “(Usually) my valentine starts from home because every Valentine my mom ensures she gets us flowers, seven of us, my siblings and I. It means a lot to me.

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“That was a special thing about Valentine for me. That’s what I said my valentine starts from home not even from outside.

“If I get love, flower from my mom, I don’t even whether I go outside to celebrate or not. It means for family and loved ones, especially from my mom.

“The gents (male housemates) in the house did very well, they were so romantic. I’m feeling good, relaxed, happy. So everywhere, it’s good.

“I’m just happy to be here and hearing your voice again after Sunday’s eviction.

Big Brother magnanimously asked the housemates to send special Valentine message to a special person(s) in their lives.

Olivia’s words: “Firstly, my best friend Martins. Hope you enjoy your Valentine. I love you so much. Happy Valentine’s day. I hope you take care of yourself.

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Olivia also extended Valentine day messages to her siblings. She went:

“And my siblings, Lilian; my elder sister. My second sister, Faith. My elder younger, Success. My sister, Mary and my brother, Lucky. I miss you guys and I hope you had a great Valentine’s day.

Juicy Jay was also in the diary room and he gave quite a brilliant response to Biggie’s questions.

“Valentine day is a day not just for romantic partners but people dear to you,” Juicy Jay opined.

“It allows you to express yourselves emotionally. Past valentine days have been normal days for us.

“My Val is my mom. I hope she had a happy day. I love you so much mom. I would always have you ony mind.

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