We Need Revival Of Industries To Boost Economy Not Old National Anthem - Analyst

Forget Anthem, Revive Industries For Economic Growth – Analyst Tells Tinubu

4 weeks ago
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Public Affairs Analyst, Dr Ambrose Igboke, has criticised the return of old national anthem by the Nigerian government, saying what the country needs now is revival of ailing industries to boost economic activities.

The government announced on Thursday that President Bola Tinubu has signed into law a bill which replaces the current national anthem ( “Arise o compatriots”) with the old one that begins with “Nigeria we hail thee.”

Igboke, who is the president of the Guild of Public Affairs Analysts, Enugu State chapter, said the energy dissipated in passing the bill and the president signing it into law, reflects “policy somersault” of the Tinubu’s government.

Forget Anthems, Revive Industries For Economic Growth – Analyst Tells Tinubu
Dr Ambrose Igboke, President, Guild of Public Affairs Analysts, Enugu State chapter

He said it is unfortunate that while Nigerians are grappling with serious economic and security challenges, the Federal Government chose to make replacing the national anthem with an old one, abandoned over four decades ago, its priority.

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He asserted that the action is a political strategy to generate talking points at the moment and divert the attention of Nigerians from questioning the current administration’s performance in the last one year as it celebrates 12 months in office and 25 years of unbroken democracy.

The old national anthem was composed in 1960 by Lillian Jean Williams, a British expatriate, who lived in Nigeria then, but it was replaced with “Arise o compatriots” which was composed in 1978.

In a chat with Prime Business Africa, Igboke said with all that is happening it shows the government has no effective plan to remedy the economy.

His words: “The National Anthem Bill that was signed into law by President Tinubu is one of the flip flops of this present administration. Replacing the national anthem that was created in 1978 with the old one now, smacks of the policy somersault of this government.

“Firstly, Nigeria is grappling with serious economic problems, serious security challenges, hyper inflation and unemployment, high tariffs, multiple taxation, and so many other issues that is bedeviling this nation. And yet, what our government decided to do is to bring back the old national anthem, that shows that the government has no plans to remedy the economy.”


He wondered why the government decided to return to the old national anthem which is a legacy of British colonialism even when other countries are even changing the names given to them by colonial overlords. He argued that when compared in terms of rhythm and message of the lyrics the current anthem is better than the old one.

Igboke pointed out that the kinds of policy decisions churned out by the government show the mindset of the political leaders. He said most of Nigeria contemporaries in Asia and Africa have tackled their challenges and moved on with development and today have become destination points.

He said since the political leaders, out of nostalgia, decided to bring back the old national anthem, they equally, should deploy such efforts in bringing back lost glories such as free quality education of the 1960s and 70s, and industries in different sectors that had existed but closed down due to unconducive business environment.

“It is a pity. That’s why our contemporaries like Thailand, Malaysia, look at even Kenya, and even Rwanda that was involved in a genocidal war for so many years has in the last 10 years,  gotten their acts together. After 20 years of war, they have built their economy and 30 years later, they are destination points in Africa. Look at South Africa, that suffered Apartheid for so many years. They first had access to democracy in 1994, however, our first democracy was in 1960.

“It is a shame that when somebody’s house is on fire. The person leaves it and starts chasing rats, that is the scenario that Nigeria just exhibited,” Igboke stated.

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