Wande Coal ‘Legend Or No Legend’: First Listen Review

Wande Coal ‘Legend Or No Legend’: First Listen Review

1 year ago
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Every once in a while, there comes a song that serves as a reminder of Wande Coal’s genius. After an eight-year hiatus, and releasing three lead-up singles in ‘Come My Way’, ‘Kpe Paso’ feat Olamide, and ‘Let Them Know’ Wande Coal has finally released his highly anticipated third album he calls ‘Legend or No Legend’.

Selecting which tracks to include on this album must have been a daunting task, along with determining the cohesive vision they collectively represent. The thirteen-track album features guest appearances from Olamide, Wizkid, Fireboy, and American singer T Pain.

In the usual one-listen review, I will share my real-time reactions to my five favourite songs from the album, without any pauses, rewinds, fast-forwards, or skips.


The album begins with a Dunnie ‘Legend Oh’ tag, a fitting touch for a project centered around legends. The infectious bounce of the drums and the vibrant production evoke a Fela-esque feel, with an indie twist.

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Wande Coal navigates this fusion skillfully, flexing his vocal muscles without going overboard. However, in terms of the lyrical content, the opener doesn’t leave a lasting impact on me.


I instantly took a liking to this track when it was released; it exudes originality. By not overindulging in the amapiano sound, Wande Coal manages to maintain a refreshing approach. The feel-good factor is undeniable, capturing the triumphant energy of the festive season.

Wande demonstrates his versatility by infusing the song with various vocal styles, creating a captivating experience. When the drums strip away, and he embarks on the melodic solo, the song truly comes alive. Placing it early in the album builds anticipation for what lies ahead.


The keys in this track bring to mind Rema’s “Spaceship Jocelyn” and Victony’s sound. Wande Coal starts with emotionally influenced crooning, but instead of battling demons, he grapples with the movements of a woman.

Suddenly, he launches into full MC mode, delivering magnetic rap bars, even though it might require a revisit to fully grasp the lyrical content. In my opinion this is the song that “3 Square Meals” wished it could be, effortlessly blending different cultures.


In my opinion, this is one of the best pop songs released this year. Everything falls into place, from the haunting bass of the production to the impeccable vocal deliveries.

Olamide’s feature is one of his most impactful in recent times. The captivating lyric, “That booty looks like a place they told me not to go,” adds an intriguing dimension to the song.

Wande’s first verse is skillfully delivered, showcasing great measure. The crowd vocals tastefully amplify the sensual tension that the song embodies. The synergy between Wande Coal and Olamide’s vocals is seamless, making them an exceptional duo.


This collaboration is among the most anticipated on the album. Fireboy has always shown a strong Wande Coal influence in his craft, and with their second official collaboration, one would expect a certain connection to have been established. Fireboy handles the hook, and it’s uncanny how much Wande Coal’s essence seeps into his vocals. He takes the reins for the first verse, delivering it flawlessly.

Concluding Thoughts

Wande Coal’s album, ‘Legend or No Legend,’ is bound to be a polarizing release. While his influence and impressive collection of hits have already solidified his status as a legend in Nigerian pop music, this album falls short of capturing his full genius.

Instead, it leans on familiar melodies and comfort zones, lacking the experimentation and versatility that defined Wande Coal’s peak years.

The album seems to rely on its attention-grabbing title to attract listeners, but unfortunately, it lacks the substance to keep them engaged or inspire repeated listens






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