US Election: Mike Pence Blasts Trump For Saying Abortion Restriction Should Be For The States Rather Than National

US Election: Mike Pence Blasts Trump For Saying Abortion Restriction Should Be Up For States Rather Than National

2 months ago
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Former President Donald Trump’s stance on abortion restriction has ignited a firestorm within the Republican Party, with prominent figures like his former vice president, Mike Pence, openly expressing their discontent.

“Policies must reflect the values of our nation and protect the sanctity of life,” Pence voiced his concerns on X, asserting his disagreement with Trump’s approach.

Trump, in a video shared on Truth Social, advocated for a state-centric approach to abortion regulations, a move that comes amid heightened discussions on abortion rights leading up to the 2024 presidential election.

Responding to criticisms from fellow Republicans, Trump emphasized the strategic importance of his position, warning against the potential electoral consequences of a national abortion ban.

“Democrats thrive on this issue, and pushing for a national ban would play into their hands,” Trump remarked on the platform.

However, critics of Trump, including Pence, pointed to his past actions, such as appointing conservative justices to the Supreme Court, which contributed to the erosion of abortion rights previously protected under Roe v. Wade.

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Despite Trump’s celebration of the overturning of Roe v. Wade in his video statement, he underscored the importance of state autonomy in determining abortion laws.

“The states should have the authority to decide through democratic processes,” Trump asserted in his video message. “Whatever they decide must be respected as the law of the land.”

Pence, however, diverged from Trump’s viewpoint, arguing that the issue of abortion extends beyond state boundaries and requires federal intervention to safeguard the rights of the unborn.

“The Supreme Court’s decision has placed the responsibility not only on the states but on the entire American populace,” Pence contended.

Joining Pence in expressing reservations about Trump’s approach, Senator Lindsey Graham reiterated his support for a national restriction on abortions, advocating for a minimum standard of fifteen weeks with exceptions for certain circumstances.

“I maintain that there should be a national standard on abortion, considering the capacity of the unborn child to feel pain,” Graham affirmed.

As Trump’s proposed abortion policy continues to stir debate within the GOP, it remains to be seen how this internal division will influence the party’s stance on one of the most contentious issues in American politics.


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