UNICAL Suspends Prof. Cyril Ndifon For Second Time In Nine Years

UNICAL Suspends Prof. Cyril Ndifon For Second Time In Nine Years

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In a recurring distressing saga, the University of Calabar has suspended Professor Cyril Ndifon for a second time in nine years, following allegations of sexual harassment involving female students.

This suspension marks yet another blow to Ndifon’s reputation, sparking outrage and calls for action from the university community.

In a letter dated 17 August 2023, the university’s registrar, Gabriel Egbe, communicated the decision, citing violations of the institution’s established laws and policies. The suspension mirrors a similar incident in 2015 when Ndifon faced arrest, detention, and suspension over allegations of sexually assaulting female students.

Recent campus protests, primarily led by female law students, highlighted their demand for Ndifon’s removal. Brandishing placards with messages such as “Ndifon must go!” and “We’re tired of sucking dicks for marks,” the students voiced their grievances against the professor.

These demonstrations underscored a growing frustration with the perceived culture of harassment and abuse within the university.

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The suspension followed Ndifon’s response to an earlier query from the university management. Displeased with his explanation, the Vice Chancellor ordered his removal from the position of Dean and placed him on suspension. The university authorities have initiated a panel to investigate the allegations.

The suspension letter outlined the university’s stance, stating, “The Vice Chancellor has gone through your written representations and is not satisfied with your explanations.”

As a result, Ndifon’s duties as Dean of the Faculty of Law were terminated, and he was barred from university premises, pending the investigation’s outcome.

Reacting to the allegations,  Ndifon vehemently denied any wrongdoing. He claimed that the protests and accusations were the handiwork of his enemies within the faculty who sought to undermine him due to his electoral victories.

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While refuting the allegations, Ndifon questioned the veracity of the claims, adding that it was a conspiracy against him.

The suspension and protests by students have ignited conversations about the need to address sexual harassment within academic institutions.

They highlight the need for effective mechanisms to safeguard students’ well-being and ensure a conducive learning environment.

The repeated suspension of Professor Cyril Ndifon emphasizes the gravity of the situation and the imperative to thoroughly investigate the allegations.

As the university community awaits the findings of the investigation panel, it remains to be seen how this case will influence future measures against sexual harassment within educational settings.



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