UNICAL Suspends Prof. Cyril Ndifon For Second Time In Nine Years

Political Enemies After me – UNICAL Law Dean In Sexploitation Scandal Speaks

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In recent developments that have captured attention both on and off the University of Calabar campus, allegations of sexual harassment have been levelled against Prof. Cyril Ndifon, the Dean of the Faculty of Law.

The claims, put forth by female law students, have ignited protests and debates surrounding the integrity of the institution.

Prof. Ndifon, in an exclusive interview, refuted these allegations, shedding light on what he believes is an orchestrated attempt to undermine his reputation.

The allegations emerged when a group of students took to the campus in protest, their placards bearing slogans demanding the Dean’s departure and highlighting allegations of inappropriate behaviour. Amidst chants and displays of discontent, the allegations of sexual exploitation rang out loud and clear.

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In response, Prof. Ndifon has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, painting the allegations as baseless and calculated attempts to tarnish his hard-earned reputation. He asserts that these accusations are fueled by personal vendettas and internal rivalries, suggesting that certain elements within the faculty may be orchestrating a smear campaign against him.

“I’ve faced challenges since being elected Dean, and I’ve navigated many obstacles. These allegations are nothing but fabrications, crafted to diminish my standing after winning faculty elections,” Prof. Ndifon expressed.

He questioned the uniformity in handwriting on the placards and pointed out the uncanny timing of the protest coinciding with a meeting between him and the Vice Chancellor, hinting at possible insider manipulation.

He further emphasizes the lack of evidence and the absence of any alleged victims coming forward to corroborate the claims. “Can someone harass girls without the ladies coming out to raise the alarm that they were sexually harassed?” he asked incredulously.

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Prof. Ndifon clarified that he does not teach the implicated year levels, raising doubts about the accusations’ validity. He asserts that his decades-long dedication to building a respectable career has been callously targeted by those seeking to ruin his legacy.

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