Top PBA Headlines Of The Week 

Top PBA Headlines Of The Week 

11 months ago
2 mins read

Here again, we present to you the top Prime Business Africa headlines for the week.

Meta’s Threads App: How To Sign Up, All You Need To Know

Threads, a new text-based microblogging platform developed by Facebook parent Meta, was launched on Thursday. The company’s new platform will compete with Twitter and is linked to its popular photo and video sharing app, Instagram, and users have begun receiving prompts to sign up and create a profile. Read more.


Mmesoma’s JAMB Result: Technology And Challenge Of Fact-checking

Confident, linguistically enabled, sagacious, but sorely disillusioned. That was the disposition of Miss Mmesoma Ejikeme in a social media self-presentation to clear the air on some serious JAMB result accusations. Read more


Will Tinubu’s Foreign Exchange Policy Reform End Black Market Activities?

As of March 2023, Nigeria was one of 24 countries with multiple foreign exchange markets, housing the official and black markets, both of which have a premium gap. Read more


Top 20 Traditional Rulers Dethroned In Nigerian History

Nigeria’s traditional polity has had its own fair share of turbulence, looking back in time. The earliest political system which is closer to the people brings to reality the axiom that “man is a social animal.” Read More


Conditions To Obtain Nigeria’s Brown Card For Permanent Residency

In what looks like the United States “Green Card”, the Nigerian government recently introduced the “Brown Card”, a legal document that allows qualified foreign nationals to have permanent residency status in the country. Read more


Women Turn To ‘Carrot Stew’ As Cost of Tomatoes Skyrockets In Nigeria

Some women said they have opted for carrots and other sauces for their stews as the cost of tomatoes continues to soar in Nigeria. Read more


Some Ordinary Questions After The Naira Redesign Drama

Looking at the recent comments of some financial experts, there is this impression that the recent naira redesign policy of the Nigeria’s federal government was not actually meant to punish Nigerians. Read more


Fighting Cybercrime In Banks

Rising cases of cybercrime in the banking industry is becoming a big headache to bankers, customers and law enforcement agencies in the country. With so many people highly skilled in hacking techniques desperate for quick wealth, cybercrime may soon be the biggest danger to banks and their customers. Read more


Sierra Leone: An Irony Of A Free But Flawed Elections

Following the June 24 multi-tier elections in Sierra Leone, the incumbent President, Julius Bio, was re-elected for a second term. Bio, who polled 56.17% of the vote, was able to avoid a presidential runoff, amidst a first term of run-away inflation, sky-high cost of living, and an unmentionably weak currency. Read more.


President Tinubu’s One Month In Office: The Pros and Cons At Play

‘I will hit the ground running from day one. Day two, I will continue running…’ – Bola Tinubu

For a man who campaigned with the above quote, it’s natural to measure the mileage he has covered ever since he hit the ground running on the 29th of May. Read more


Top Five Most Profitable Airlines In The World

The top five most profitable airlines in the world generated $9.97 billion in 2022, with the United States accounting for two airlines on the list. Read more


World’s 10 Most Beautiful, Livable Cities

Resonance Consultancy has just come up with a study on what would be the 10 most livable cities, and they made some interesting find. The ranking is based on the cities’ prosperity, safety, landmarks, outdoor activities, health care and other factors. Read more



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