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Top 5 Fancy Lagos Restaurants That Meet Tight Budget

By Kamsiyochukwu Mbamalu, Journalism Mentee

Lagos, the centre of excellence, is a hub known for its commercial activities and fancy restaurants in places of standard splendour!

Probably not comparable to Abuja, Lagos still has its over-the-top standards and residents tend to go overboard to meet those standards in lifestyle, tourism and food.

Yes. Even, eating food can be done with class, and not all fancy restaurants in Lagos have good food in line with the aesthetics ‘for the gram’.

As easy as it is to spend money, it’s quite difficult to come by. Yet, many want to, at least, have the opportunity of eating good food in a fancy restaurant. This is obviously impossible if having good food would mean spending one’s arms and legs – an entire life’s savings for most people

However, some restaurants have decided to give both food and class on a plate, and it’s not expensive! There are a lot of restaurants that fit in the description of class and can match your budget of nothing more than 5k.

Here are five restaurants that guarantee this opportunity:



It is situated at Ikoyi, Lagos. This restaurant gives exquisite African vibes as various artworks beautify it. The amazing thing is that the restaurant is up for dates, meetings and family gatherings too. Their dishes are both Nigerian and foreign. Food cost per head can be worth 5000 and another wonderful fact is that their starter is under 1000.



2. Afefeyeye, Ikeja


Still, on the topic of aesthetics with good food, Afefeyeye has it with a spice of African dishes served the African way. The meals served on a wooden plate with the African themed design of the restaurant makes it unique. Meals less than 10,000 with quality is like winning a lottery and afefeyeye gives that.


3. Purple Bistro, Yaba

If looking for a restaurant that can give you the outside serene atmosphere then Purple Bistro is the place. It is designed to give you that feeling in company with it’s top notch meals especially when on a budget. With a Budget as low as 10,000 one can get the full experience of the restaurant.


4. Pitstop lagos , Victoria Island

The fact that food under 5k is sold in this restaurant makes it worth the praise as it still meets the aesthetic standard. Food with style is all in this restaurant. Fancy meetings for family and friends can be organised here.


  1. Essence by the Grid, GRA, Ikeja

If seafood is the need then this restaurant got you covered as it’s seafood pasta is considered as the best. With a budget of 10k, it is worth the experience.

Low Budget?

Low budget should never be the reason why one can not enjoy quality food with style. There is only one life to live so enjoy it to the fullest with all the goodness it has to offer…good food too.





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