Tinubu’s CSU Certificate Saga Will Affect Nigeria’s Image – Diplomat

8 months ago
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Professor Martin Uhomoibi, former Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and former President of the UN Human Rights Council has said that the raging controversy over  President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’ academic records with the Chicago State University would definitely affect  Nigeria’s image in the international community.

Professor  Uhomoibi, who featured on Channels TV Sunrise Daily, on Tuesday, noted with concern that the current CSU case rubs off on how the country is perceived by other countries as the person in question (President Tinubu) is the image of Nigeria.

“Tinubu is the image of Nigeria, both spiritually and physically, before God and before all us, he represents our country. So, who he is, what he does…what his records are, are important in the way that the citizens and the people are looked at, at this time.”

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He pointed out that the outcome of the Supreme Court’s judgement on the matter was very important but regardless of it, “we are Nigerians and Nigeria is bigger than any individual, whoever the person might be.”

According to him, Nigeria is destined for greatness and the country has its own destiny, so, regardless of whoever is in power in the country, the great destiny of the country is unstoppable.

“The histories of nations are not straight-line trajectories, no country goes on a straight line and moves until it gets there, challenges come every time and they are part of life.”

The professor also stressed on the importance of leadership and nation building through collaborative efforts from both the citizens and the government.

He said: “Nigeria is in dire need of global support, but Nigerians must play their own parts by encouraging people, promoting security, empowering young people and creating confidence in ourselves.

“We must stoop, we must conquer, we must revive the Nigerian spirit and the Nigerian spirit as epitomized by the Oyo empire, as epitomized by Songhai empire, as epitomized by the Kano-Borno empire…this must come back to life and can only come when you are confident in yourself. When you know your identity, and you can project and defend your image.”

Speaking on his intentions to leave teaching and go into politics, professor Uhomoibi said that even though being a teacher or a headmaster was one of the greatest things in the society while he was growing up and being among the lucky few to have been given the opportunity as a professor, he still needed to go into politics in order to be able to take part in the role of leadership and nation building, as there’s nothing one cannot do once the mind is set on it.

While emphasising the need for people with good ideals for leadership and nation building to participate actively, he said: “In history, power is not given, power is taken. The so-called political class that have taken power, they are not sleeping. If they are sleeping, they will not take power. But, you the victim, you are complaining and lamenting in your bedroom. What are you doing?, you must do something…America was built by Americans, Britain was built by British people, who’s gonna build Nigeria?, Nigerians will build Nigeria and they must build Nigeria and the earlier they realized that, the better for them.”


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