40 Playful Tattoo Ideas for a Good laugh

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Tattoos have always been controversial body aesthetics in society from time immemorial, but such controversies have never deterred tattoo lovers from doing their thing and having fun with it on their bodies. While some of these tattoos remain permanent on the body for a lifetime, probably because they carry deep messages or contents dear to the hearts of the owners, others chose to settle for temporary and playful tattoos that they could easily change whenever they want.

If you belong to the second class of tattoo lovers who go for temporary and playful tattoos that they could change whenever they want, then this article is for you.

Below are 40 carefully selected playful tattoo ideas that will not only set you up for a good laugh, but will also make you uniquely stand out with your tattoo, because of course, you don’t always have to stick to conventional tattoos. All you need are tattoos that are not only weird and hilarious, but also bring out the playful side to your personality, no matter how uptight you are.

40 Playful Tattoo Ideas That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

The cool thing about these tattoos is that they really don’t have to make sense to anyone. That’s why they are not just weird, they are also tattooed in parts of the body a normal human would least expect, because the owners mean to be humorous; to make you laugh out loud and ponder at how strange they are, just like their tattoos.

Well, here they are;

1. Mowing the Lawn

Playful Bald Head Tattoos

Got a bald head and a lover of tattoos? Well, having an image of your gardener or mower while mowing on the bald area won’t be a bad idea, would it?

2. Grazing animal

Playful Bald Head Tattoos 

Another tattoo you could opt for as a playful tattoo lover, bald headed and probably someone who loves animals or rears them is having a grazing animal tattooed on your head.

3. I don’t care about your opinion of me

Playful Leg Tattoos 

What other way is best to really show your haters that you don’t care about their opinions of you other than having an image depicting it tattooed on your body?

4. Peter Griffin in a Swimming costume and skating Shoes

Playful Cartoon Tattoos

If you are a lover of the “Family Guy” cartoons, then having an image of Peter Griffin in Swimming costumes and skating shoes tattooed on you won’t be a pretty bad idea.

5. Camel Toe

Playful Toe Tattoos 

Want to go awkward and creative with tattoos? Not sure what it symbolizes, but having a small camel tattoo on the big toe wouldn’t be bad.

6. Giraffe Hand

Playful Hand Tattoos 

If you are a wildlife lover and also want to get creative at the same time, having a giraffe tattooed all the way from your elbow to your hand is one unique tattoo option to go for.

7. Extremely Big and Bold Eyebrows

Playful Face Tattoos 

One way to definitely get people’s tongues continuously wagging and their mouths laughing out loud is by getting extremely big and bold eyebrows tattooed on one’s face.

8. I Love Pizza 

Playful Hand Tattoo

Displaying our love for a particular food, especially pizza, by having it boldly tattooed on our hand, where people around can easily see it can be very playful and cool.

9. The Simpsons 

Playful Cartoon Tattoos 

A lover of cartoons? Well, having the pictures of the popular American family cartoon “The Simpsons” tattooed behind the soles of your toes can be a great start to expressing your love for your favorite and funny cartoons.

10. Homer Simpson

Playful Cartoon Tattoos 

Homer Simpson is the funny foodie father in the American humorous family Cartoon “The Simpsons”. He is almost everybody’s favorite character in the cartoon. Obsessed with him? Having a tattoo of him on the arm for the whole world to know, won’t be a bad idea.

11. Gone to Market

Playful Leg Tattoos 

Lost a toe?The best way to avoid questions from people about what happened to it is by tattooing where it went, just beneath the lost toe.

12. CoronaVirus Survivor

Playful Leg Tattoos 

A survivor of the coronavirus pandemic that unfortunately graced the world in 2020?The best way to let the world know and celebrate such a big achievement is by tattooing it as a tag on one’s leg. After all, you survived it when a lot of people couldn’t make it.

13. Fake Hair

Playful Bald Head Tattoos 

If you are completely bald and worried about it, you really don’t have any issues. Just walk into a Tattoo shop and kindly request them to have a fake Hair tattoo of your choice designed on the baldness. Trust me, if you get a good tattoo designer, it’d look exactly like real hair.

14. Life Music

Playful Hand Tattoos 

Life is a music or a song that every individual dances to. Sometimes we feel stagnant (pause) or retrogressing (backwards). And then, sometimes life shuffles us between both. This is one tattoo you can have on your hand to remind people of such reality about life.

15. Hairy Baby

Playful Arm Tattoos 

If you have a very hairy hand, you don’t have to shave it off or leave it like that. If you are a funny tattoo lover, just tattoo a little cute baby beneath the hairy area and you’d have a cute hairy Baby tattoo.

16. Gardener Trimming with a Garden Shear on a Ladder

Playful Rib Tattoos 

If you have a hairy armpit and do not have plans of shaving it anytime soon and you are a lover of tattoos, you can have a tattoo of a gardener imaginarily trimming or cutting your armpit hairs with a garden shear while standing on a ladder, just below your armpit.

17. Sarcastic Meme

Playful Leg Tattoos 

What other way can you playfully and sarcastically make people aware that the only way they can’t get used by others is by completely being useless to them?

18. Zip

Playful Back Tattoos 

A zip tattoo on the back is another crazy and playful tattoo idea you can opt for as a tattoo lover this period.

19. Angry Baby Boxer with Tattoos Wearing Glasses

Playful Arm Tattoos 

One funny and unique tattoo to definitely have on your arm if you are intending to get a tattoo anytime soon and want to give out a bad guy vibe is an angry baby boxer wearing glasses with tattoos on his body. It is definitely that one tattoo to try out.

20. Deaf Ear

Playful Ear Tattoos 

If you are the type of person that does not fancy attention, or are an introvert who doesn’t like to get involved in conversations or side talks with people, one of the best ways to remain in your shell is by pretending to be deaf. And, one way to do that is by putting an “ON/OFF” sign tattoo behind one’s ears. It’s a tactic that can also help scare people off.

21. Tupac as a Unicorn 

Playful Hand Tattoos 

Give your favorite celebrity artists playful and weird animal looks or characters, totally different from their real personalities. Tupac is a gangster American artist, giving him the looks of a cute Unicorn as a tattoo on your hand is certainly something that will buy a lot of attention and curiosity.

22. Maps 

Playful Face and Body Tattoos 

You can be of great help to people by putting up Tattoos of maps of countries around the world on your face and body. Then, you go about bare-faced and shirtless, so that whenever people look at you, they are reminded of all the countries that exist in the world.

23. Angry Face

Playful Bald Head Tattoos 

Wanna scare people off from behind by being a bad guy?Then one tattoo that would do an excellent job is an angry face and all you have to do is have it put up at the back of your bald head.

24. Regular and Favorite Breakfast

Playful Hand Tattoos 

The best way to evade daily questions on what you’d like to order every morning at the counter when you walk into a restaurant or cafeteria to have your regular and favorite breakfast is by having it tattooed on your hands so that all you’d have to do next time is show your hands to them and that would easily do the job.

25. Ryan Gosling as a Spider

Playful Arm Tattoos 

Is Ryan Gosling your favorite American celebrity actor? You can have him tattooed on your arm by giving him weird and playful animal appearances like that of a spider, which may be similar to what his true personality is

26. Eminem as a Baby Dwarf

Playful Hand Tattoos 

You might want to have your favorite American celebrity rapper, Eminem, tattooed on your hand by giving him a  funny baby dwarf look.

27. Fish Hook

Playful Finger Tattoos 

You don’t necessarily have to be a fisherman or woman to have a fishing hook that caught a fish tattooed on your fingers.

28. Barcode

Playful Bald Head Tattoos 

Get funky and playful by putting up a barcode tattoo at the front of your bald head. People may be able to scan through your thinking and feelings by connecting to you through the barcode.

29. Tiny Key

Playful Hand Tattoos 

Not much of a tattoo lover but just wanna hop on the tattoo trend? You can just go for a playful tiny key tattoo. After all, a tattoo is a tattoo, no matter how small it is, right?

30. Christmas Tree with a Red and Gold Bow

Playful Bald Head Tattoos 

A good option for a man who is a tattoo lover with a bald head and needs a playful tattoo idea for Christmas is simply putting up a Christmas tree tattoo with a red and gold bow at the top of the tree at the back of the bald head. People would just look at his head and know that indeed, he is in the Christmas spirit.

31. Very Good

Playful Arm Tattoos 

Lost an arm? No cause for worries because all you have to do is put a hand tattoo saying “Very Good” on what is left of the arm. The point of doing this is to be able to exchange hand gestures and greetings with people even when the arm is no longer there. Great idea, right?

32. All Star Shoes

Playful Leg Tattoos 

With an “All Star Shoes” tattoo, there’d be no need to move around with foot wears. Just go ahead and rock your imaginary All Star Shoes as you move around bare-footed while you leave people laughing their asses out and wondering just how crazy and weird you really are.

33. OopS

Playful Finger Tattoos

Just like loosing an arm and a toe, if you lose a finger and don’t want it to bother you or turn out to be much of a big deal, all you have to do is put an “OopS” tattoo on what is left of the lost finger.

34. OK Hand

Playful Leg Tattoos 

One way to always remind yourself and others that everything is going to be OK eventually, is by having an “OK Hand” playfully tattooed on your lap. Just make sure to dump all your pants and get many shorts, because it’s definitely that one tattoo that cannot afford to stay hidden, especially when you chose to put it on your lap.

35. A Ghost Checking Out a Phone

Playful Arm Tattoos

The funniest and craziest thing on earth should be a tattoo of a ghost checking out a phone on a person’s arm, which in the real sense is absolutely impossible. If you are that kind of crazy person, then this is just the perfect tattoo for you.

36. Out of Order

Playful Ear Tattoos 

When you lose an ear, the simplest way to announce to people that it has gone missing, without giving out any explanations, is that you simply put up a tattoo of an “Out of Order” sign on the spot, just so it becomes easy for people to notice that the ear is gone forever.

37. I Love You

Playful Body Tattoos 

As a man,if you are sick and tired of having to walk up to women and spend hours wooing and convincing them that you love them just at the first meeting, here’s a solution for you. Simply, get an “I Love You” heart with an arrow tattoo done, then you go ahead and also tattoo the names of all the girls in the world on your body. This way, when you meet a girl you are interested in, you don’t have to say much, the body tattoos do more of the talking. It comes with a little price, which is that you are not allowed to put on clothes until you finally find the love of your life. Funny and wild idea, right?

38. I’m with Stumpy 

Playful Leg Tattoos 

If you lost a leg and had it replaced with an artificial leg, one way to sarcastically and playfully make it known to everyone is by tattooing “I’m with Stumpy” with a hand pointing in the direction of the lost leg, at the back of the other good leg. A good laugh helps to reduce the pain and reality of losing a leg.

39. Mickey the Mouse Reading on How to Kill

Playful Cartoon Tattoos 

Imagine Mickey, the cool and playful mouse that appears in the daily cartoons that we all love to watch, reading a book on how to kill, with his leg on a skull. Now, that’s indeed one weird and hilarious tattoo to have on one’s body.

40. Skeleton in a Grave

Playful Leg Tattoos 

Imagine a dead person’s skeleton just rises from the grave and offers to help pet your dog. He probably won’t be able to complete his statement before you dash for it. What great sarcasm and humor!


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