Thugs Attack Polling Unit In Mafoloku Oshodi, Lagos

Lagos Thugs Attack Mafoloku-Oshodi Polling Unit, Burn Election Materials [Video]

1 year ago
1 min read

Some thugs have attacked a polling unit in Mafololuku, Oshodi, Lagos State.

The thugs on arrival chased people away and burnt election materials including the voting cubicle, ballot box, and other sensitive materials.

See the video below:



Threats To People Not Voting APC In Aguda, Lagos

In another development, some thugs suspected to be supporters of the All Progressives Congress (APC) have been spotted threatening voters at a polling unit in Fehintola Giwa Street Aguda, Surulere, Lagos.

One of them was seen threatening people who are not voting APC to leave the polling unit and go home.

“If you no go voter APC for here, go your house, nobody force you come here,” the man wearing a white shirt threatened, adding that he would check all ballot papers to know which party each person voted for and would attack anyone who does otherwise. He boasted that the polling unit is for APC.

“I go come check am, if you vote another party, you go enter wahala o. If you no go vote APC, go your house o” he kept warning repeatedly in Pigin English.

see the video here:



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