‘This Thing That You Want To Quit, I’m Not Quitting It’- Tolanibaj To Neo

‘This Thing That You Want To Quit, I’m Not Quitting It’- Tolanibaj To Neo

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Throughout their time in the Big Brother Naija All Stars house, Neo and Tolanibaj’s relationship has been a focal point of controversies, marked by arguments and quarrels with fellow housemates.

The unexpected moment unfolded when Neo took the bold step to dissolve their romantic bond while confined in a room within the house.

However, Tolanibaj’s response left both Neo and the viewers in disbelief. She rejected the notion of a breakup, confidently stating, “This is just one of the many obstacles we will overcome. This thing that you want to quit, I’m not quitting it.”

Merely hours after what appeared to be the end of Neo and Tolanibaj’s relationship, the couple was caught on camera sharing cuddles and kisses behind the closed doors of one of the Big Brother house’s toilets.

The recent turnaround seems like an emotional roller-coaster for both the couple and the viewers who were witness to it.

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Recalling an earlier incident, Neo had confronted Tolanibaj, urging her to stop embarrassing him after a heated confrontation with another housemate, Ilebaye.

The clash had erupted when Tolanibaj caught Neo engaging in friendly banter with Ilebaye. Responding with a fiery burst of emotions, Tolanibaj unleashed a tirade of accusations, asserting her territorial claim.

Neo’s counter-blast, labeling her as “shameless” for fighting over him, further escalated the situation. Following the public spat, Neo and Tolanibaj retreated to the bathroom for an intense confrontation.

During the heated exchange, Neo expressed his frustration and even threatened to sever ties with Tolanibaj due to her persistent jealousy and conflicts. He probed her self-esteem and urged her to recognize her own value.

Tolanibaj, in turn, defended her actions by unveiling the underlying insecurities that fueled her behavior. She disclosed past conflicts with female housemates who seemed to take an interest in Neo, explaining that her actions were driven by a need to safeguard her relationship against perceived threats.

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