The attention of the authorities has been drawn to the deplorable state of the Third Mainland Bridge.

Third Mainland Bridge Feared As Death Trap That Requires Urgent Fixing

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The attention of the authorities has been drawn to the deplorable state of the Third Mainland Bridge.

Reports have shown an increase in the number of potholes on the bridge that have left motorists alarmed and apprehensive.

Some Nigerians have described the infrastructure as a death trap and a disaster waiting to happen. A popular X user with the account name -Oku, @oku_yungx sounded the alarm on Monday thus: “ Third Mainland Bridge is a Death Trap!”. He advised that motorists apply all safety measures when driving or riding along the bridge due to the dangerous state of the potholes.

“This isn’t a time for speed”, he stated. Oku however expressed hope and anticipation that due fixing and repairs would soon be done on the bridge.”

Third Mainland Bridge is the longest of three bridges that connects the Lagos Island to the mainland. It was also the longest bridge in Africa until the Bridge located in Cairo, Egypt was created in 6 October 1996.

This 11.8km bridge starts from Oworonshoki which is linked to Apapa-Oshodi and Lagos-Ibadan expressways and ends at the Adeniji Adele Interchange on the Lagos Island.

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The bridge has experienced multiple rehabilitation and maintenance since completion in 1990 with the most recent rehabilitation carried out on April 2, 2023 by the Lagos State Government. The state government had expressed their need to intervene given that the bridge falls under the jurisdiction of the federal government. They explained how they had to repair the inbound and outbound sections along the University of Lagos axis due to traffic jams and the level of damage that poses danger to motorists.

Despite the recent repair and rehabilitation, potholes have been noticed from the beginning of the bridge to its end. More obvious potholes are seen around Obalende to Adekunle corridor, even while approaching the bridge from Ebute Meta. These potholes create serious vehicle tailback and pose accident risks.

Another X user with the account name – @King_Inspires shares concern over the state of the bridge which is one of the most-used roads in Lagos. “Third mainland bridge was once the pride of Africa and Nigeria. It is now everyone’s nightmare for lack of maintenance…A small tiny pothole will develop into a mighty one, because who cares?”.

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A commercial driver, Lawal Adegbenro, on Monday stated that the potholes on the bridge were affecting his vehicle negatively. He also mentioned that the traffic jam on the bridge made drivers burn more fuel than necessary forcing them to hike transport fares.

“The traffic didn’t used to be like this at this time of the day. It’s around 6-6:30am when people are rushing to work that you’d see this kind of traffic but at this time of the day, we don’t expect the traffic we are having now and it’s because of the bad road”, Lawal told The Punch.

He also called for government intervention, stressing that “We need the government to help us maintain the road so that the road will be free for everybody.”

The state of the bridge is a huge risk to the lives of Nigerians and one priority of the government should be to see to it that lives and properties of the citizens are protected at all necessary cost. Citizens and motorists have called on the intervention of the government in this dire situation before it causes more havoc than can be taken.

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