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20 Hilarious Christmas Memes to Entertain You and Your Loved Ones This Festive Season

7 months ago
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The Christmas season is upon us and there’s a looking-forward to spending time with loved ones and family both home and abroad. The joys and merriment of the season would be heightened with relatable, funny Christmas memes to share with family and loved ones.

 Relieve yourself and loved ones from the stress that comes with the fun of the season with these funny memes. Here are 20 funny Christmas memes that would leave you and your loved ones rolling with laughter. 

  • Call 911. Please hurry! 😟
  • Bias much? 
  • Scissorgasm!😩
  • We’d hit the gym in January puhlease😂
  • Judgemental much? He doesn’t even work that much!😏
  • Let us bask in the euphoria of our flesh in peace😌
  • Adulthood: A scam! 😔
  •  The knowing look😂
  •  You shouldn’t have
  • Oops! 
  • Snowballs ain’t losing any weight this Christmas! 
  • They never fail to come🙂
  • Well, Santa got no child-throwback pictures
  • The war between Cats and Dogs might never end🤦‍♀️
  • LOL! 
  • He just knows 
  • The kids be losing their teeth😩
  • Pets’ lives matter! 🤣
  • Selfish like that?🙂
  • When it has to come to an end😭

So, while you catch your fun with family and friends, hang out in places that tickle your fancy, remember to enjoy these memes and share them with loved ones as you relax. 


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