The Role Of Women And Youth In 2023 Elections
2023 Elections: Nigerian Queen Ruqayyah, Student Union Presidents Speak On Role Of Women, Youths - PB_Africa Twitter Space Today

Role Of Women And Youths In 2023 Elections: A Conversation With Queen Ruqayyat Adeboye

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Prime Business Africa’s Publisher, Dr. Marcel Mbamalu, had a conversation, on twitter space on the topic, ‘The Role Of Women And Youth In 2023 Elections’, with Queen Ruqayyah Adeboye, Most Gorgeous Girl In Nigeria(MGGN), in the  “Prime Business Africa (PBA) Leadership Series”.  The space was co-hosted by, Ms Yetunde Asika, an International Rights Lawyer.

The 2023 elections in Nigeria will be the largest in Africa and shape the democratic trajectory of not only Nigeria, but the entire region.

One of the trends that the world will be watching when Nigerians head to the polls is turnout of Nigeria’s huge youth population, who made up over 80% of newly registered voters this year, according to Nigeria’ Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

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Ruqayyah was joined by Student Union Government (SUG) Presidents of two federal universities – University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) and Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Messrs Abuchi Michael and Charles Obinna respectively.

Obinna was represented by the SUG Secretary- General, Joel Ogbonnaya. Abuchi Michael who is the Student Union President, University of Nigerian, Nsukka.

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“Women has come a long way in their participation and involvement with election, we now have the right to vote and be voted for” Ruqayyah said. “As much as speaking about the participation of women in the election is important, we should also talk about the father in the rural area, that sees election day as pay day”

Queen Ruqayyah, spoke on her involvement in sensitizing women and youths for elections.  “Being crowned as MGGN has helped amplify my voice on issues I have always been passionate about,” she said.

“Prior to being crowned, my voice was only heard at the background, but this role has given a platform to speak on.”

On strategies used to mobilize female students to improving young female participation in politics, Queen Ruqayyah said “We spoke to the school’s management, making them see reason to make it mandatory to have a female representatives for the school’s election, we made sure their was a female representative”.

“Prior to this, most female students who were interested in contesting for the elections, didn’t have the mind to contest, while some were not interested in politics at all.  We had to employ the psychological strategy and give them reason to not only be involved in school politics, but also have the strength to vote.”

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On her plans for the rest of her tenure as the Most Gorgeous Girl, Nigeria, Queen Ruqayyah said “ I want to continue in my advocacy in educating the Muslim girl child.”

On the sudden increase of youth participation, Joel Ogbonnaya said “ Some years ago, President Muhammed Buhari, called Nigerian Youth ‘lazy youth’, this phrase and the alarming rate of police brutality, stirred up the 2020 #ENDSARS protest, I think these occurrences served as a drive to the youth to live up to the popular saying, ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’, and take control of their future’.

Rounding off with how the Naira Scarcity could affect the elections, John Adoyi, a Prime Business Africa Journalism Mentee, and 300-level Mass Communication student of the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN),  said “ For weeks, the Naira Scarcity has been an issue, banking halls are filled up with people wanting to withdraw money. I was of the opinion that maybe before the elections, the Naira scarcity would ease up a bit, seeing as the old #200 note is still a legal tender till April.”

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“ The Naira scarcity is really affecting students,lot of students could not go back home to vote for the same reason. They don’t have cash to transport themselves back home to cast their votes at their polling units”.  “However, some organizations provided free buses for students, at the University of Nigeria (UNN)  who had their PVCs but could not go back home due to the Naira Scarcity.”


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