"Prime Business Africa Leadership Series" Debuts On PB_Africa Twitter Space

‘Prime Business Africa Leadership Series’ Debuts On PB_Africa Twitter Space

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Publisher of Prime Business Africa, Dr Marcel Mbamalu and International Rights Lawyer, Yetunde Asika, are set to launch the PBA Leadership Series, a public engagement platform focusing on Africa Development issues.

To join the Twitter space at 6 pm, click the link below:                                          https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1mnGeRVVvDWJX

“Prime Business Africa Leadership Series, is the show that brings you the latest insights and perspectives from some of the most influential leaders in Africa. From sustainable agriculture and women empowerment to infrastructure development and healthcare, our show covers the most pressing issues facing Africa today,” Dr Mbamalu and Mrs Asika said in a joint statement.

“Each episode features a thought-provoking interview with a prominent leader who is making a difference in a specific field of endeavour. Our guests on Twitter Spaces share their experiences, ideas, and solutions to some of the most pressing challenges facing Nigeria and the rest of Africa today. We aim to provide listeners with in-depth understanding of the current state of things, while also shedding light on positive developments and ground-breaking solutions on the continent.”
Hosted by two experienced and knowledgeable individuals in that field, Dr Marcel Mbamalu of PBA and Yetunde Asika of ALC, the show is both informative and engaging, offering listeners the chance to learn from the best in the business.

“Whether you’re a business leader, policymaker, or simply someone interested in the future of Africa, ‘Prime Business Africa Leadership Series’ is the show for you,” the statement reads.

The Prime Business Africa Leadership Series explores the critical issues facing Africa and learns from experts shaping the Continent’s future.

“Subscribe to our show today and join the conversation on how we can work together to create a brighter future for Africa,” the hosts said in the statement.

Major areas of coverage include: Sustainable Agriculture in Africa, Women Empowerment and Gender Equality, Education and Innovation, Youth Development and Leadership, Infrastructure Development, Healthcare in Africa as well as Financial Inclusion and Economic Empowerment.

Others are Energy and Clean Technology, Tourism and Cultural Heritage, Peace and Security, Climate Change, Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility, Global Health and Pandemic Preparedness, Trade/Regional Integration and Digital Transformation.

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The show begins 6pm on Thursday February 23, 2023 and features Nigerian Queen Ruqayyah Adeboye on ‘The Role of Women and Youths in Nigeria’s Elections’. The discussion, which will be hosted on PB_Africa Twitter Space, will also feature Presidents of Student Unions in two Nigerian universities – University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) and the Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UniZik), Awka.

Queen Ruqayyah is the first Hijabi to win the title of the Most Gorgeous Girl Nigeria (MGGN). She is also the Ambassador of National Museums.

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