The Beauty Of Same-sex Blessing Controversy
Pope Francis during his weekly general audience in the Paul VI Audience Hall at the Vatican Dec. 13, 2023. (CNS photo/Lola Gomez)

The Beauty Of Same-s3x Blessing Controversy

7 months ago
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The greatest institution in the entire world is the Catholic Church. Its greatness often piques the interest of many people, as it has consistently served as the moral compass of the world. Whenever issues concerning morality and global order arise, the world looks to the Catholic Church for guidance, acknowledging its perspective as an embodiment of heavenly wisdom.

This is not surprising considering that its founder, Jesus Christ, promised to remain with the Church until the end of time. There is no other institution in the world that has demonstrated the capacity to endure trials as the Church has, remaining firmly rooted despite facing numerous challenges.

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Throughout its history, the Church has witnessed over 20 General or Ecumenical councils addressing various heresies that posed threats. Essentially, there is no issue raised today by ignorant Christians as they are presently raising or churches that hasn’t been previously addressed and resolved by the Church’s wisdom.

When we refer to the Church as the sole conscience of the world, it is because of its readiness to stand firm, even alone, when biblical and orthodox doctrines are challenged. It remains resolute and orthodoxly alone on deeper matters such as contraceptives, the right to life, ordination of women as priests, and issues surrounding LGBTQ+ rights.

That said, I must confess that I thoroughly enjoy the controversy surrounding the blessing of same-s3x marriages, not the marriage itself. I am among those who believe that priests should offer blessings without limitations. Even if a known killer seeks a blessing, a priest would oblige, but the words used might differ, possibly including phrases like “May God inspire you to live according to His will.” What stood blessing of those in such relationship, possibly by words employing God to give them the courage to live according to his wish is the needless emphasis evoked by “Fiducia Supplicans.”

However, one positive outcome of the controversy surrounding the mostly mischievously misinterpreted gay marriage blessings is the clear message it sends to the Church not to entertain such ideas, let alone grant them approval. Even animals do it with the opposite s3x as prescribed by nature. This stands as the beauty and the greatest achievement arising from this controversy. Nobody, not even the Pope shall peep into it even from the chink.

Given different shades of statements emanating from various dioceses and religious groups within the Catholic Church, the Church leaders are undoubtedly cognizant of the division that would follow the approval of any controversial actions. In fact, I perceive nothing but lessons arising from this controversy.

However, as Catholics, it serves as another eye-opener that many people perceive the Church as a hindrance to the promotion of moral relativism, or as if the Church is engaged in a supremacy battle with theirs. Therefore, many of those who criticize the Church are not genuine. One can observe the actions of individuals seeking an opportunity or a means to challenge the Church. This is why every Okoye, Okeke, and Mgbafor relentlessly step forward to attack the Church. I find myself witnessing their minute-by-minute posts in their self-assigned duty of attempting to undermine her. Even those who have yet to grasp the issue at hand are generating skits, talking pure, unadulterated nonsense.


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