Soma Wins This Week’s Head Of House

Soma Wins This Week’s Head Of House

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Another week, another Head of House Games in the Big Brother Naija All Stars Show. This week, the game was played in one round as per usual. Soma emerged as the triumphant contender, clinching the coveted title.

Much like the preceding week, the head-of-house games commenced slightly earlier in the afternoon, adding an extra layer of anticipation to the proceedings.

The first round of the game was a game of ‘solve this puzzle’, it was a classic puzzle game but with a twist. The housemates were first asked to pick a number from a black box as this would determine how they compete in the game.

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The aim of the game was for the housemates to complete the various obstacles in the fastest possible time. The first obstacle was a bowl filled with a concoction hidden with three numbers. The twist of this game was that the housemates were only permitted to use their faces to uncover the hidden numbers.

After retrieving the hidden numbers, they would then proceed to a stool with a key that they’ll use to open a chest where they would gain access to the puzzle pieces.

At the end of the first round,  housemates were called back to the lounge to announce the winner, with a completion time of 5:10 minutes, Soma won this week’s HOH.

In related news, during this week’s black envelope game, Doyin, Cross and Angel each found black envelopes. While Doyin won a home-cooked meal, Cross was rewarded with a box of Pizza and Angel ‘got better luck next time’.

Soma picks, Angel, Adekunle, Alex and Seyi as his BFFs

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