Lviv Hit by Russian missile strike
Fire erupts as Russian missile strike hits Ukrainian city of Lviv

Russian Missile Strike Hits Apartment Block In Ukraine

11 months ago
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Russian missile has hit an apartment building in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv, leaving at least eight wounded hundreds of kilometres from the front lines.

Russia has launched waves of drone and missile strikes across Ukraine since the February 2022 invasion. Russian Missile Strike Hits Apartment Block In Ukraine

But the Lviv region- hundreds of kilometres from the frontlines- has been largely peaceful.

In a video posted on Telegram, the governor of the city of Lviv, Maksym Kozytski, said a Russian missile made a “direct hit to a residential building.”

He said the missile caused a fire which was later extinguished, adding that emergency services were on the scene and rescuers were “sorting through the debris.”

“As of now, the rubble is being dismantled. Of course, there will be injured and dead. We are doing everything possible to save people,” he said.

Maksym posted another video showing a multi-storey building with part of its top floor destroyed.

Lviv Mayor, Andriy Sadovyi, said eight people were wounded in the strike and “about 60 apartments” had been damaged.

“Windows got blown out, many cars got damaged, around 50 cars. There may be more people under the rubble,” he said on Telegram, adding that two people had been rescued from the debris so far.

Earlier, he warned that “several” missiles were “moving in the direction of the western regions,” citing Ukraine’s Air Forces Command.

Sadovyi earlier said on Telegram that a “series of explosions” had been heard and warned residents to stay in shelters.

One person was in “serious” condition and was taken to hospital.

Unverified videos posted to Telegram purporting to show the aftermath of the attack showed shattered glass littering the floor of what appeared to be a dormitory.

On June 20, Lviv was hit by a major Russian drone assault on Kyiv and other cities


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