Raedial Farms Seals Partnership With Compagnie Fruitere, Diversifying Nigeria's Agri-Exports

Raedial Farms Seals Partnership With Compagnie Fruitere, Diversifying Nigeria’s Agri-Exports

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In a stride towards bolstering Nigeria’s agricultural export industry, Raedial Farms Limited, a subsidiary of Raedial Holdings Limited, inked a partnership agreement with Compagnie Fruitere, a French giant renowned for its extensive fruit and vegetable market outreach.

The agreement, ceremoniously sealed during the prestigious French Week 2023 Business Summit held at Access Towers, Lagos, marks an economic collaboration witnessed by key dignitaries from both Nigerian and French governments.

The French Minister Delegate for Foreign Trade, Olivier Becht, among other influential figures, graced the occasion, emphasizing the strategic significance of this alliance.

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“For us at Raedial Farms, this partnership further exemplifies our dedication to contributing to the growth of the France-Nigeria Agricultural relationship and shows the pivotal role largescale farming plays in the Agric sector,” expressed Uwadiale Agenmonmen, the Managing Director of Raedial Farms Limited.

This partnership signifies a transformative shift for Raedial Farms Limited, transitioning from its focus on oil palm cultivation to a diversified agricultural venture, including the production and exportation of pineapples and bananas.

With Compagnie Fruitere’s expertise spanning production, import-export, transportation, and distribution of fresh fruits, this collaboration aims for enhanced cultivation techniques, superior product quality, and sustainable operational practices.

“Nigeria is a country with massive financial potentials, especially following the current government’s pledge to open up its economy to others in a bid to grow the GDP,” remarked Didier Mas, Technical Director for Africa at Compagnie Fruitere, highlighting Nigeria’s evolving economic landscape and its alignment with this partnership.

Olivier Becht, while addressing the event, underscored the collaboration’s commitment to fortifying bilateral ties between France and Nigeria in the agricultural sphere, stressing the agri-food industry’s role as a bridge between the two nations.

Raedial Farms Limited, renowned for its sustainable farm management and extensive experience in palm plantations and livestock, aims to solidify its position as a major player in Nigeria’s agricultural sector.

With plans to expand its palm cultivation significantly and an eye on acquiring additional plantations, the company is poised for growth and influence.

This landmark collaboration not only promises to elevate Nigeria’s agricultural export profile but also signifies a deeper bond between France and Nigeria, fostering mutual economic growth and technological advancement in the agricultural domain.

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