Raedial Farms CEO Canvasses Government Support In Commercial Agriculture

Raedial Farms CEO Canvasses Government Support In Commercial Agriculture

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The Chief Executive Officer of Raedial Farms, Mr. Uwadiale Agenmonmen, called on the government to support in the realm of commercial agriculture.

Agenmonmen, during an interview at the Salespush Academy seminar titled “Unleashed Potential: Harnessing Opportunities in Agriculture, Real Estate, and Fintech” held at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) on Monday, November 27, 2023, emphasized the crucial need for support to fortify the agricultural sector.

He highlighted the urgency for governmental intervention in providing access to land, funding, and security, recognizing these elements as essential for the sector’s growth.

He highlighted the multifaceted challenges faced by the agricultural industry, stressing that while issues such as access to lands, capital, and infrastructure were significant hurdles, the core challenge lay in perception and commitment towards agriculture.

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He emphasized, “It should not be a passing or side hustle thing for people. It should be the way you take your 9-5pm jobs as a source of income. That is the exact energy you have to put into agriculture.”

Expressing concerns over land accessibility, he noted, “One major problem I see for us that do corporate agriculture is land. Land is our problem. Having access to land in several states and the adequate type of funds for us.”

Highlighting the significance of the oil palm industry in Nigeria, Agenmonmen underscored its vast potential and various applications beyond the agricultural sector.

“The Oil Palm in Nigeria is huge. Our impact is as much as we can cultivate. Our palm essentially has a lot of uses aside from the agricultural sector, in pharmaceuticals, the private sector, and for animals as well,” he remarked.

He urged interested parties to explore the oil palm sector, citing its numerous opportunities. “Opportunities are abundant in the oil palm sector, especially in Nigeria. And we hope a lot of people come into the industry as quickly as we can.”

Agenmonmen emphasized the need for government intervention to support those committed to commercial farming, stressing the necessity for basic infrastructure and funding. “It is a very patient industry. You cannot hurry agriculture. If they have to support us, they have to make provision for the right kind of money for us to farm in commercial agriculture, access to lands.”

Moreover, he highlighted security challenges as a significant hurdle for commercial farmers, noting, “Security is one of the challenges we end up spending all our money on.”

He concluded stating, “Hopefully, there will be a lot more done around this space in a very short time.”

The advocacy by Agenmonmen echoes the sentiments of many within the agricultural industry, calling upon governmental bodies to provide essential support in funding, land accessibility, and security to foster the growth and sustainability of commercial agriculture in Nigeria.

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