Putin Wants Biden To Be US President Not Trump

Putin Wants Biden To Be US President Not Trump

2 months ago
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Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a statement, suggesting that Joe Biden would be a preferable choice for Russia as the next US president compared to Donald Trump.

Speaking in a state television interview, Putin emphasized Biden’s experience and predictability, labeling him as an “old-school politician.”

Putin’s remarks come amidst escalating tensions between Democrats and Republicans concerning increased military aid to Ukraine.

When asked to choose between Biden and Trump, Putin highlighted Biden’s qualities, stating that Russia would work with any US leader who gains the trust of the American people.

The Russian president’s stance contrasts with accusations during Trump’s presidency of being too accommodating towards Putin. Despite expressing a preference for Biden, Putin criticized US policies towards Russia as “harmful and mistaken.”

Regarding concerns over Biden’s age and mental acuity, Putin dismissed them as part of a vicious election campaign, asserting that he saw no evidence of his counterpart being unfit for office.

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Reflecting on their previous meeting in Geneva, Putin recalled moments when similar concerns were raised, but he found Biden competent.

Putin’s guarded backing of Biden comes at a time when the US is struggling to secure congressional support for additional funding for Ukraine amid Republican hostility led by Trump.

Trump’s stance on NATO also found support from Putin, who acknowledged the logic in conditioning US support for NATO allies on meeting defense spending targets.

However, Putin’s preference for Biden over Trump adds a fresh dimension to the US presidential race, highlighting geopolitical implications and underlying tensions in US-Russian relations.


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