Patricia Technologies Exnorated As Nigerian Police Arrest Cybercrime Suspect

8 months ago
1 min read

The Nigerian Police has Apprehend Cybercrime Suspect Linked to Patricia Technologies Breach.

The arrest of Wilfred Bonse, identified as a key suspect, was confirmed after an extensive inquiry conducted by the National Cybercrime Center of the Nigeria Police (NPF-NCCC).

Following Patricia Technologies’ petition earlier this year to the Inspector General of Police regarding an alleged theft on their cryptocurrency trading platform, the investigation uncovered a sophisticated criminal conspiracy.

This included unauthorized system modifications, network data breaches, and the unlawful diversion of funds totaling over 607 Million Naira.

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According to Hanu Fejiro, CEO of Patricia Technologies, the conclusion of the Police investigation and the subsequent arrest of one perpetrator have brought immense relief to the firm and its stakeholders. Fejiro expressed gratitude towards the Nigerian Police and emphasized the restoration of trust among their customers.

Fejiro further stated, “This vindicates our claim of being hacked. Our platform’s security has been reinforced, and we aim to move forward with renewed commitment to our customers.”

Patricia Technologies, on Monday November 20, commenced the first phase of reimbursing depositors affected by the breach. The platform has also been relaunched for operations.

While other co-conspirators remain at large, the Nigeria Police Force assured the public of ongoing efforts to ensure all involved in this criminal conspiracy are brought to justice.


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