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Outer Banks: All You Need To Know About Season 3

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Outer Banks was created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate and Shannon Burke, who pitched a story to Netflix about the Pogues, a group of working-class teens, and the Kooks, the wealthy visitors who only spend part of the year in the town.

Fans have clamored for every single detail they can find about the hit series Outer Banks ever since the show premiered in April 2020. With the release of the third season on Feb. 23, 2023, it’s time to dive into the filming locations for the series.

Where is Outer Banks filmed?

Season three of Outer Banks was filmed in and around Charleston, South Carolina, in the southern United States. This might comes as a surprise to many, since the show is named after and set in Outer Banks, North Carolina, Charleston’s neighbor to the north. It turns out Netflix has a good reason for choosing to film in South Carolina instead.


Outer Banks season three ending explained

John B (Chase Stokes) and co finally make it to the Orinoco basin thanks to Ward (Charles Esten) and his private jet, but don’t think for a minute that means that John B has begun to trust him.

John lays out his plan of action out of Ward’s earshot, including his intention to seek out a man called Jose in Tres Rocas before going to Solana, an archaeological site.

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Despite his best efforts the untrustworthy Ward is in fact listening in on everything John is saying, which doesn’t bode well.

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Meanwhile Kie (Madison Bailey) and JJ (Rudy Pankow) also arrive in South America with the help of the drug smuggler Barracuda Mike. They, too, head to Tres Rocas and eventually catch up with the gang.

Sarah (Madelyn Cline) and John B have managed to help Big John escape from captivity but this has put them directly in Carlos Singh’s firing line. Carlos sets his men on them to search the village for Big John.

Once safe, Big John admits to them that he can’t translate the Gnomon, however he reveals the Denmark Tanny letter with a bonus translation key, which is literally a gamechanger.

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